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sexual preference

Your sexual preference is the gender of partner you prefer to have sex with. This is determined very young, most likely in the womb. Charlatans claim to be able to change it, but that is a lie. What can be done is change sexual behaviour. E.g. a gay male can get married, have sex with his eyes closed thinking about a male, or try very hard not to think about males. They are just as passionately oriented toward males as ever. Seligman claims it is sometime possible to sour a bi-sexual person on one sex or the other, with aversion therapy, but you can’t create desire.

Straight people have trouble believing that gays truly are gay. They imagine it must be something like getting a nose ring just to freak people out. Straight males are not turned on by fellow males, so they can’t understand how anyone else could. Oddly, they have no trouble trusting that hippopotami find other hippos sexy even though they do not share the attraction in the least. Straight males can’t even change their preference from plump to skinny women, or blonds to black-haired women. So is rather odd they expect us gays to make a huge jump between sexes.

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