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fundamentalist Christians
Fundamentalist Christians are people who hold some extremely bigoted views, who believe they have the right to enforce them on others based on selective reading of their scriptures which they believe are absolutely true and applicable to everyone. They are the natural enemy of gays.

For hundreds of years the Christian fundamentalists churches have overstepped their bounds attempting to enforce their superstitions on others.

Consider their oppression of:

Right now, 2008-10-23, they are working to annul marriages of gay people in California and other parts of the USA. It is none of their business, any more than the marriages or sex life of non-believing straight people is their business. They try to force Christian prayer on non-Christians. They appropriated taxpayer money for Christian religious celebrations. They inserted a siphon into the public trough with faith-based initiatives to funnel public funds to Christian preachers for all manner of nefarious purposes.

Christians have been trying to force blacks, women, gays, Muslims etc. into second class status. They are not content to persecute their own, they go after non-believers too.

Fighting Back

Any tactics the Christian fundamentalists have used on others are fair game for retaliation, except illegal ones such as murder, lynchings and beatings.

I am sick to death of these arrogant fundamentalists. They have made war on others. It is time to fight back and eliminate their evil institutions by every means possible.

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