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cause of homosexuality
Many people claim that homosexuals are all created the same way. I think this is nonsense. Just as people prefer carrots to cabbage for many different reasons, so they prefer men to women for many different reasons. There is a genetic component. Homosexuality tends to run in families. Identical twins are usually identical in sexuality. One of the less commonly expounded theories is that if a male has a cruel female parent and a kind male parent, he may imprint on the male parent as a model for ideal lover. This partly explains why mothers are so humiliated when it turns out their sons are gay. The same would analogously apply to lesbians. My Mom told me there was some secret thing women could do to make their sons gay. They do this to ensure someone will take care of them in their twilight years. Mom never gave details. No one but Mom has ever admitted to knowing anything about this female conspiracy to create more male homosexuals. Christians imagine that homosexuals recruit new homosexuals by talking young people out of their heterosexuality. (Their parents try and fail after years of harranging, but supposedly we homosexuals succeed with only a five minute chat.) Presumably these gay-obsessed Christians too are gay, and hope someone will talk them out of their heterosexuality.

Teens can be vicious to each other. Sometimes these experiences are so traumatic, a young person can decide they want no more to do with the entire gender that gave him/her a rough time.

Sometimes it starts as admiration for a member of the same sex who possesses desired traits. For me, it did not register my attraction was homosexual. I just figured it was a natural appreciation of my friend who was extraordinarily handsome. It was his appearance, not my attraction. It was quite a shock when it dawned on me that other people considered the light of my life considered unspeakably wicked.

Everyone forgets that we start out gay. Boys socialise with boys and girls with girls. Boys consider a boy who socialises with girls as unmanly. Girls consider a girl who socialises with boys as a tomboy. It is a tribal sort of thing, much the way people of the same skin colour feel a loyalty to the tribe. This is our original state. Around puberty, males usually develop an interest in young females, a group with quite different social customs and interests. Heterosexuality is a triumph of hormones over common interests.

Oddly our society considers it manly if married men prefer to spend the bulk of their spare time in the company of fellow males for shared activities like hunting, fishing and sports, so long as sex is not involved. Bigots tolerate males prefering male company. They will even tolerate males living as a couple, but draw the line at sex.

Research done by a Canadian team in Samoa suggests that the genes that make men gay make their female relatives more strongly attracted to males and hence have more children. Being gay then is a side effect of evolution promoting female fertility.

In 2014, a genetiic study discovered a gene passed from mother to son that caused homosexuality. Researchers announced that chance has nothing to do with sexual orientation. In my own case, my maternal grandfather and my maternal uncle married late in life, though I have no evidence they were gay.

Homosexuality: It’s about survival click to watch

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