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PRO-Ject prostaglandins
Prostaglandin E1 is the hormone in your body that gives you a hard on by relaxing blood vessels. To treat impotence or premature ejaculation, a mixture of Papaverine, Chlorpromazine, Atropine and Prostaglandin E1 can be injected into anywhere on the top side of the penis to create an erection that lasts no matter how many times you come, no matter what you do or think. A spring loaded device called a PRO-Ject does the injecting painlessly. You can barely feel it. The erection is unstoppable. It is much like the raging erections you got as a teenager on the bus. You weren’t necessarily horny, just embarrassed. They don’t hurt or feel unnatural. It is just like being a teenager again. It is a bit like a roller coaster ride. Nothing much happens for the ten minutes to half hour, just a slight full feeling, then it kicks in suddenly, then it very gradually wanes away. I find over time they kick in faster and faster, so now the effect is almost instantaneous. By massaging the site you can spread the medication faster.

Prostaglandins have three advantages when using condoms:

  1. The condoms won’t slip off as easily, since you don’t lose your erection even on coming. You are less likely to spill semen on withdrawal or on removing the condom.
  2. You stay hard even when the condom blocks most of the sensation.
  3. They make your penis thicker than usual, thus increasing pressure against the anus, enhancing pleasure, even with a condom.
You are only supposed to use them 3 times a week, though they are quite safe since they are a natural hormone and have been in widespread use for many years. It works out to about $5.00 CAD a dose. You must keep the medication refrigerated. This means you can’t easily travel with your supply of the drug. You can travel short distances with an ice pack.

It is best to choose an injection site that will be well-covered by your condom, if you use one. If you are not careful chosing an injection site you may poke a large vein. This will cause an unsightly bruise and possibly even some mild bleeding, that lasts for several days, but is quite harmless and painless and won’t interfere with your erection. Just pick a place with no visible veins.

See impotence for a discussion of the relative merits of Muse, prostaglandins and Viagra.

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