priapism : Gay & Black Glossary


  1. Abnormal male horniness. Priapus was the ancient Greek god of procreation.
  2. An erection that won’t go down, even after four hours. Up to that long is nothing to worry about. It can be caused by supersensitivity to impotence drugs such as Viagra or prostaglandins. 1 in 500 people have this. It can be caused by overdosing on such drugs. It can also happen naturally. It can be treated in stages. Three extra strength Sudafed should help, apply ice, jog 30 minutes then take a cold shower. If that does not work go to the emergency ward of your nearest hospital. They will first try xylocaine and draining the blood out of the penis with a needle. If that does not work they will try phenylephrine. If that does not work they will try neo-synephrine. If that does not work they will use surgery. If the problem is not treated within 12 hours, permanent damage to the penis may result from lack of oxygen.

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