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An enormous proportion of the Internet traffic is sexually explicitly movie clips and pictures. Porn is one of the major source of income that makes the Internet possible. To attract customers, websites offer huge amounts of free material. Because there is so much competition, offering so much free material, your average surfer never has to buy anything. You can find pretty well anything you could imagine. I once stumbled on a woman having sex with an octopus.

The law has not quite sorted out what is legal and what is not. I understand it is illegal to view or possess sexual images of children, even if they were not purchased, or if they are drawings or computer animations where no child models were exploited. How is a child defined seems fuzzy too. That strikes me as illogical. The crime should be harming children, not having one of the outer philias. We don’t want paedophiles attacking kids. We don’t want them bottling all sexual drive like medieval priests, only to burst out uncontrollably. We want them masturbating harmlessly to porn. Why are we instituting measures that will cause the reverse?

When the age of consent is 21, as it was here in Canada for gays in 1969, it makes no sense to punish someone for having sex with a 20 year old who lied about their age. There has to be some leeway for children who look much older than they are. All that happens is you get 20 year olds blackmailing for a living. For a law to work, it has to be perceived as fair, and the majority of people must be willing to comply with it.

I think pretty much anything else besides child pornography goes, though I am not sure about bestiality (barnyard sex).

You can use Google or Google Image to search for particular types of porn. Turn off Search settings ⇒ Safe Search Filtering first.



Since the point of erotica is to offer the consumer sexual experiences without having to compromise with the demands of the other sex, it is a window into each sex’s unalloyed desires. Pornography for men is visual, anatomical, impulsive, floridly promiscuous and devoid of context and character. Erotica for women is far more likely to be verbal, psychological, reflective, serially monogamous and rich in context and character. Men fantasise about copulating with bodies; women fantasise about making love to people.
~ Steven Pinker (1954-09-18 age:63) The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

How Not to Make a Porn Movie

Personally, I find very little modern porn appealing. Nearly all of it features fat, old, bald, bearded men, even when their partners are trim, young, with a full head of hair and smooth shaven. Nearly all the models have tattoos, usually crude, stupid, childish or incompetent. These are a complete turn-off. I think they are supposed to suggest a lack of innocence. To me, tattoos connote impulsiveness, criminality and stupidity.

How Not to Make a Porn Website


When you are young, even a Sears catalog underwear model will turn you on. As you get older you get pickier and pickier. With porn, you can be much pickier than you are with sexual partners. Here are some of my turnoffs as an old codger in descending order:

  1. Effeminate gestures.
  2. Baby talk. Affecting a gay accent.
  3. Obscenity, particularly the words pussy, cunt, bitch and whore.
  4. Actors shout and moan all out of proportion to the pleasure they are likely experiencing.
  5. Dyed hair.
  6. Spitting.
  7. Actors look as though they are are bored or find their partners repulsive.
  8. Female hair styles. Carefully coiffed hair. Hair covering the eyes.
  9. Actors talk during sex, particularly when they say trite things like Your cock in so big, Your hole is so tight., Do you like that? and Fuck me hard.
  10. Tattoos, particularly amateurish ones or a jumbled selection at random from the catalog.
  11. Piercings on the lips or tongue. Oddly, I don’t mind them on the ears, eyebrows, nipples, perineum, penis…
  12. Pimples and skin blemishes.
  13. Fat or beefy.
  14. Beards or moustaches.

Things that appeal:

  1. Well hung.
  2. Six pack, but not competitive body builder types.
  3. Under 30.
  4. Black, Latino, Czech, European.

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