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Orlando massacre

In the early hours of 2016-06-12, in an Orlando Florida gay bay called the Pulse, a 29-year old, Muslim bigot, unstable and closet case, Omar Mateen, used an AK-47 machine gun to kill 49 people and injured (perhaps fatally) another 53.

He held hostages for three hours until police killed him.

People around the world reacted by offering prayers to their sky god, tolling bells, singing, sacrificing stuffed animals, promising to remember forever, giving tributes and of course holding the obligatory candle light vigils.

Unfortunately, not one of these activities did anything no prevent repeat tragedies. What would help? The most important thing would be banning machine guns. Americans whine that this is impossible to even consider. I don’t see why. The vast majority have had it to the teeth with these mass shootings and want machine guns banned. The constitution merely says citizens have the right to own a musket to use in the service of the state militia. It says nothing about the right to bear weapons of mass destruction.

The other effective action concerns Christian and Muslim clerics who routinely urge their congregations to murder gay people. They would never dare call for the murder of Jewish people or members of some political party. It is one thing to claim god will torture gays for eternity in the afterlife, and quite another to torture them yourself in this one. It is time to prosecute clerics for doing inciting murder or violence. There are lots of exceptions to free speech, including death threats, extortion, inciting crowds to riot… Urging the murder of gays surely does not need to be dignified with protection as free speech.

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