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Homosexuality cannot be cured because it is not a disease. There are a few quacks and religious nuts who claim that can magically change sexual preference, but they cannot. All they can do is guilt-trip people into refraining from acting on their attractions which grow even stronger from the repression. Homosexuality is no longer listed in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders) as a disease.

There is a movie called Cure For Love where Brian Pengella, a Christian, fat, older, bald, gay man imagines he is cured and marries a naïve woman, without even checking to see if sex with a female is possible for him. What a selfish bastard! I think his motive was simply desperation — he was too unattractive to get laid as a gay man any more. He did not claim that his sexual orientation had changed, or that he was sexually attracted to his wife, just that they were happy in the relationship, which is, of course, quite plausible. He is so smug about his fake marriage and is partronising of those gays were not willing to compromise their integrity that way. If ever you desperately need an emetic and have no syrup of Ipecac handy, watch this film. The gloppy Christian sanctimoniouses will make you throw up.

Perhaps what these deluded Christians really need to be delivered from is anonymous, meaningless, promiscuous sex, not homosexuality. What they really long for is a loving gay relationship.

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