Sally Ann Bigotry

The Salvation Army’s official policy is to exclude gays. As a church they have a legal right to discriminate that way. But they go quite a bit further. They call for killing all gays and all the children of gays. Had they said this about Jews, there would be no question that they are a hate group and they should be shut down. This kind of talk generates violence against gays such as gang beatings with two by fours, dragging to death behind pickup trucks, smashing heads to a watermelon pulp, shoving a beer bottle up the rectum and breaking it off and even crucifixion. I don’t think we gays should have to put up with this any longer. I think any church than advocates such violence in any way should be shut down as a hate group. They must repudiate this ancient, irrational superstition. It makes as little sense as killing witches.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)