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child molesting
One of the most frequent myths perpetuated by the religious bigots is that all homosexuals molest children. The opposite is true. Homosexuals are much less likely to molest children than straight men. Women, straight or gay rarely molest children. This is not to say that there are no male homosexual child molesters, but they are relatively rare. Most child molesters are married, (i.e. nominally heterosexual) and they molest children of either sex, preferably girls, but they molest boys too because boys are less protected.

The reason for this is quite simple. Children are more like women than they are like men. Heterosexual males are attracted to women-like beings and homosexual males are attracted to man-like beings. Consider:

Further, notice the paedophilic appeal of the classic dumb blond female. She uses words like Daddykins and baby talk to enhance her attractiveness even to ordinary heterosexual males.

In earlier times, marriages were arranged at age 2 to 9. The younger a bride, the more babies she might produce over her life. Heterosexual paedophilia is biologically part of our species, though today, of course, we attempt to suppress females from having sex until well after menarchy. At one point in our history, we even delayed it to the late twenties, to help curb population growth.

The most common paedophiles who go primarily after boys are priests. They abuse their religious authority to force children to comply. Again their choice is dictated primarily by availability. Boys are more accessible and less protected.

Child molesting is usually defined as having sex with someone below the age of consent, which may be as high as 21. I think the term child molesting should be reserved for having sex with someone below the age of puberty and use the term statutory rape for the crime. It is ridicoulous to conflate having consensual sex with a 20 year old with preying on an 8 year old.

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