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You’re Full of It

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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

You’re Full of It : Joey Ravioli : : 2005-12-06

He is writing about my essay 17 Reasons Not to Enlist.

You’re so full of crap that it’ll flow out of your mouth and ears. Get your facts straight…

Like our founding father’s didn’t risk their own lives to have FREEDOM you dipshit…Military is not ALL about killing, there are many other jobs that do not involve that.

That’s the ideal. But that was WWII (World War II) when American was defending freedom. Now America is squashing freedom. American wants to conquer Iraq, turn her into a quasi-colony and control/steal her oil. America attacked under false pretences. That’s what Nazis do with the military. It is not what the framers of the constitution had in mind for it.

1. You may be killed. Your family, friends and people who love you will have a lifetime of heartache. Any children you would have fathered will be aborted with you.

Same reason as above…

Attacking Iraq does bugger all to help American freedom. In fact, fundamental American freedoms such a habeas corpus, right to trial, right to confront witnesses, right to see evidence in a trial and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment have all been lost since the Iraq war.

2. You may be maimed, have one or more limbs amputated or lose half your face or your penis and balls. You will live the rest of your life disabled. You may be so disfigured you will never have sex again. You will be stuck with the bulk of the medical bills. Modern medicine can resuscitate badly maimed people who would have died in previous wars. This means the Iraq war is cranking out an unusually high numbers of seriously maimed people.

Military provides ALL soldiers with hospital care if needed. They are evaluated before released back to the civilian world. The Government never leaves a soldier homeless, they are provided with FREE housing until a Soldier can get back on their feet. YOU are still back in the Viet Nam Era, Wake up McFly…

I gather you did not actually watch the Back to The Future series. I can hardly anyone emulating the doltish loser Biff Tannen as a rôle model. Kindly Uncle Socialist Sam is the official story. Check out some of the vets sites to see how happy the crippled vets of Viet Nam, Gulf War I and the Iraq war are about how they have been treated.

3. Many returning from Iraq become mental basket cases unable to deal with the horrors of war and the guilt at what they have done. Friends and family reject them. They can’t hold down a job. They become homeless. Look at the way American treats the homeless vets of the Viet Nam and Iraq wars begging on the streets.

Over half????? says who ??? wheres your facts to prove this? none? yep…that’s what I thought. And by the way…many soldiers CHOOSE to expand their contract in Iraq…but noooo…you didn’t mention that one now did you…dipshit.

Are you ever blind! Just walk down the streets of any major US city.

Over half the soldiers who served in the Gulf War, died of Gulf War Syndrome or were treated for it. They were in Iraq for only weeks. You will be there years. Read the fine print. Bush is keeping soldiers in Iraq for years after their contract expires. To this day no one knows for sure what causes Gulf War Syndrome.

Again…dipshit…this depends on your job and such high risks Jobs are provided with the proper safety HAZMAT procedures… you dipshit. Now if an individual chooses to ignore those safety procedures…then how is that possible for it to be the governments fault???

I gather you have not yet seen the video on the army’s casual attitude toward DU (Depleted Uranium) exposure click to watch featuring Pulitzer prize winner John Hanchette and Pentagon DU expert Dr. Doug Rokke, a serving officer for 30 years. If the army does not even know for sure what causes Gulf War Syndrome, how can occasional use of hazmat suits protect?

5 You will be exposed to DU (Depleted Uranium), as were soldiers in the first Gulf War. This may cause cancer later, or even more likely will cause your children and their children to be genetically deformed.

Iraq was never a threat… at least you FINALLY got something right… but it IS a breeding ground for Terrorist.

Iraq was too poor to be a threat. America’s actions in Iraq are so outrageous that you have turned the entire world against the USA. The US army is having trouble meeting in recruiting quotas. Al Qaeda isn’t. Bush and killers and committers of atrocities like you are poster boys for terrorist recruitment. Just based on your email, a goodly portion of the world’s population on reading it would say to themselves, The world would be better off without war criminals like Joey Ravioli.

Millions of innocent Iraqi lives have been at their hand suffering. Not defending our country, but we ARE defending innocent civilian lives in Iraq… so, that tells me how much you really give a damn about others… you dipshit. I bet you don’t even know one of the Army Values which is…SELFLESS SERVICE.

If Russia invaded the USA and Russian soldiers spouted that same crap, you would puke in disgust. Nobody wants their country occupied and plundered. Perverts who consider their own feces delicious might imagine that when they kill a kid it is selfless services. Who else could have such a preposterously inflated and distorted opinion of themselves.

6. Iraq is no threat to the USA. You are not defending your country. There were no WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions). Even Bush admits Iraq had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks on 2001-09-11.

We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th attacks.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),, 2003-09-17, audio.

But saddam hussein did kill and torture innocent lives. I wish you were captured by him…perhaps he’d beat the shit out of you so that you would talk less of it.

But the war had bugger all to do with Saddam. You know that because:

  1. Bush refused Saddam’s offer to step down peacefully without bloodshed. The obvious reason Bush did that is he desperately wanted to invade. Without an invasion, he would not get the oil.
  2. Saddam was captured on 2003-12-13 ( 14 years and 4 months ago). Most of the killing was done long after he was out of the picture. Saddam was hanged 2006-12-30 (11 years and 4 months ago) and still the slaughter continues. It was not about Saddam.
  3. Saddam’s forces are long gone. You Americans are killing the resistance who merely want to run their own country rather than hand it over to collaborator traitors let Americans corporations steal what they want of Iraq’s resources, even her heritage of drought resistance seeds.
  4. The war is about oil. Bush used 2001-09-11 as an excuse to invade two countries who had nothing to do with 9/11. Obama announced auctioning off of all of Iraq’s oil on the very day he announced the wind-down. Afghanistan has lithium and an important oil pipeline route and $1 trillion a year in heroin sales. It paranoid crack-fucked crazy to imagine either war is about protecting the USA from invasion. This is obvious to everyone except a few ignorant Americans who still believe Bush’s lies. This is the only motive for war that remotely justifies its extravagent costs.
# The USA illegally attacked an unarmed country under false pretences. The war is about ignoble motives such as oil and world domination. There is utterly no point is you risking your life in Iraq.

Riiiiight…they’re SOOO unarmed, that Kuwait never got bombed by Iraq. You’re such a goddam retard.

You were in diapers back then. Let me give you the Cliff Notes summary of what happened. Saddam was a standard puppet dictator supported by the USA. Rumsfeld gave him poison gas on credit to gas the Iranians (the bad guys back then) in a really nasty war. Just prior to the Gulf War I, Kuwait and Iraq were drilling into each other’s oil fields with diagonal wells. Saddam went to the American Ambassador Glaspie and asked what would America do if they invaded Kuwait to punish them for diagonal drilling. On Bush 41’s orders, Ambassador Glaspie said that America would consider it an internal Arab matter. So Saddam invaded Kuwait and Bush declared war on Iraq and brought in the cavalry with U.N. approval to squash them. Why the treachery? I suggest, but cannot prove, it was a early failed attempt to get control of both Kuwait and Iraq’s oil. Iraq was flattened in a matter of days by superior American air power. There never was a ground war. Then the U.N. demanded Saddam disarm and inspectors went in to see what happened. Then the USA bombed Iraq every day right up to the Iraq war. Between 1 and 2 million Iraqis were killed. Americans claimed to be doing this bombing in self-defence, even thought not a single plane was hit or a single American killed. Just prior to the Iraq war, U.N. inspectors reiterated that Iraq was disarmed except for some minor weapons allowed by the treaty. There were a defeated and beaten country no threat to anyone.

# You will be ordered to kill civilians and children

(BULLSHIT). Once you are in the military, resisting is very difficult. You will be shot or imprisoned and treated extremely badly if y our conscience awakens. American soldiers have already killed 100,000 civilians, mostly children and that was before Fallujah. You will kill them to. That is what soldiers do, kill people they are ordered to. If you don’t believe me, have a long talk with some vets about their experiences. Keep in mind they won’t be proud of it and won’t leap to tell you what they have done.

An American soldier contradicts you on this video and shows you the corpses to prove it. You can play a low-res version of the movie online click to watch click to watch click to watch. You can download a higher quality version of the movie with BitTorrent in either Microsoft click to watch click to watch

OK sparky…let me revise the rules of engagement for ya.

  1. Soldier shall never open fire on an unarmed individual
  2. Soldier may return fire if being fired upon…no matter who it is.

That’s the theory, but the actuality is you fuckers were convicted for torture and Judge Hellerstein has ordered Bush to hand over his kiddie rape videos from Iraq.

So…what you’re saying is that if a 8 year old decides to pull an AK47 at you…you’re going to let him kill you?

You just don’t get it. You have zero right to be in Iraq. Your invasion is illegal. That kid has every moral right to shoot you as in illegal invader. If you don’t want to get shot at, stay out of Iraq. If you don’t want to get shot at, don’t enlist. If America ever gets involved in a war where she needs defending, you can sign up. No country has attacked the USA for 60 years. Signing up for dirty wars like Iraq is no different than signing up as a hitman for the Mafia to kill people who have done you no wrong.

Stupid ass…what we’re trained to do is give warning shots or fire at children WITH weapons with non-lethal weapons. Should one of those dissoriented kids kill a soldier, then they just committed suicide. Then there’s casualties of war… yes WE ALL REGRET when that happens and we are NOT proud of it. But you’re such an ASSHOLE when you say that we are ordered to kill children when that is NOTHING BUT A LIE.

But I watched shock & awe on CNN (Cable News Network) where bombed Baghdad blowing up people’s homes and offices. I read the peer reviewed Lancet article that says you killed over 100,000 civilians. I know that most civilians in Iraq are kids. I have seen the pictures. I have held crying expatriates. You are giving me the sanitised boy scout bullshit version.

Patriots always talk of dying for their country and never of killing for their country.
~ Bertrand Russell (1872-05-18 1970-02-02 age:97) <—he’s a pussy just like you

I highly doubt someone as illiterate as you has even read Russell, so your infantile name-calling dismissal is not persuasive. I don’t understand your objection. You seem to glorify killing for the sake of killing on the grounds it helps distract people from suspecting you of being gay. You sound like someone unashamed to say you enjoy killing for your country.

# There is some chance you may be ordered to guard and torture POWs (Prisoner Of Wars).
Stupid Fuck…you are. Knowledge…you do not have. This is something that will never happen again thanks to Abu Graib and look at the results. That soldier got a severe punishment and was a stupid soldier since we are ALL trained to disregard a BAD order… that soldier chose to accept a bad order. Update your stupid reasons…you must.

There are hundreds of reports of torture and the war is not even over. Further, there are even convictions. The way you speak, you seem perfectly capable of torture.

# If you are very unlucky you may be ordered to participate in the raping of young Iraqi boys and preparing kiddie porn videos of the rapes for Bush.
Look above for the same stupid reasons… I bet you like taking it from the back. You must enjoy it.

You and your buddies or are the ones doing the torture and rape, not me. You are the one apolgising for and applauding its contiunance. That makes you, not me the pervert.

# The back door draft. Everyone has been kept in Iraq far longer than the agreed term. If you find it intolerable, there is no way out. You have no idea how long you are really signing up for.
You’re an idiot. Once again…many soldiers choose to stay. Why? The pay is pretty damn good and without us, Iraqi’s would not have the freedom…the same freedom you have to write up this bullshit.

Granted, some sadists who enjoy butchery were also attracted by reenlistment bonuses, but it is also true that even more were held long beyond their terms, quite against their wishes, using a clause in the fine print of the enlistment contract.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq is illegal.
~ Kofi Annan (1938-04-08 age:80)Secretary General and Boutros Boutros-Ghali (1922-11-14 2016-02-16 age:93) former Secretary General of the U.N.
I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing.
~ Richard Perle (1941-09-16 age:76), 2003-11-20, Pentagon hawk, cat-stroking, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James Bond villain pasty lookalike, admitting the Iraq war is illegal.
# Since Kofi Annan and Boutros Boutros-Ghali of the U.N. have declared the Iraq invasion and occupation illegal, you will technically be an international war criminal. This means you may at any time be arrested if you leave the country to travel in a country that subscribes to the International Court in The Hague. The USA may not forever be powerful enough to protect you from prosecution, even on home soil. Everything you do in the Iraq war is illegal since the war itself is illegal. Even if you don’t kill, you are still guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, on the same principle the guy who drives the get-away car is guilty of bank robbery. You are in much the same position as a German participating in the invasion of Poland. Recall that some Nazis faced prosecution even into their 90s.

Where’s your facts on this you fag??

When you are seeking backup, the first thing to do is click the links. If you don’t see any links, check out the links section of my essay e.g. Iraq Links or 2001-09-11 Links. If you still don’t see the backup you desire, use the site search on the home page. If you still don’t find the backup, use the world wide web search on my home page. If you still don’t find the backup, check out the various books I recommend on the subject. If even that does not work, ask me to insert a link. In this case, just click the links two paragraphs back.

I find it amazing you are fighting a war and don’t even know the most basic fact about it — namely that it is illegal and that you stand to be prosecuted for international war crimes for your participation.

By the way, where are the links to back up your various claims?

# The base pay for active duty killing people according to the recruiting site is $14,321 US dollars a year for a private E1. Granted the re are bonuses such as housing and food, same as you would get in a civilian job outside your home city. You are liable to be shot at 24/7. That works out to $38 a day, or $1.60 an hour.

You are absolutely right on this… but you stupid gay ass forgot to mention that this is pay for when you are in the united states. Once you are over seas, you get granted more coverage and your pay more than doubles that. The average E1 in Iraq makes $2,100 a MONTH. An E-4…like myself… $3,800 tax free a month. An E-1 gets promoted to an E-2 within 6 months…well before they get deployed. By the time they arrive in Iraq… they are an E-3… wake up McFly…you doing the math here? That’s right…higher rank means MORE pay. By the time they’re ready to come back home…they are an E-4.

The site did not say that promotions were automatic. If they were, surely a recruiting site would mention the plum. However, I have redone the figures presuming an E-3 promotion. My point still stands. You are selling your soul for a pittance.

If you are a private your pay does not even increase after 6 years of experience. Wow…well, you truly are full of shit. Any Private that doesn’t get promoted within 6 years they are definitely kicked out of the Army. I wouldn’t want a retard that can’t get a promotion within 6 years. I bet you’re the same retard. No wonder you hate the military so much… I bet you were in the Army and they kicked your ass out to flip burgers at…

You really misread me if you think I would have at any time in my life, under any circumstances, signed up as a hired killer.

Minimum wage at McDonald’s (bingo!! i knew it!!!) is $5.15 a hour.

If you are curious how I earn my living, check out the contact section.

You are an idiot to risk your life for such paltry pay, especially when the work has nothing to do with defending your country. Recently the military has been offering higher and higher one time enlistment bonuses. People now realise they are not signing up to defend their country, so are demanding higher and higher bribes to sell their souls. The very existence of these bonuses indicates that soldiers know full well what a morally sleasy job they are signing up for. People don’t need to be bribed to defend their country against a real attack.

You’re a stupid ass indeed. That’s all I can say on that one. The military does not BRIBE anyone, they offer it and it’s up to you to volunteer for it.

The army is offering  $200,000 USD enlistment bonuses because can’t get people to sign on for such a sticking dirty war.

# Iraq is a hot, pestilent, fly-blown, stinking, hell hole.
Reeeeeally? Well…I guess it will stay like that since idiots like you don’t want people like me to help them out now won’t it???

You are a sadistic deranged psycho if you think dropping white phosphorus, napalm and cluster bombs on people is helping them.

# Presuming you are a believer in punishment in the afterlife, since you will be killing innocent civilians, mostly children, you will without doubt be condemning yourself to eternal damnation. That dread will hang over your head the rest of your life.

No comment on that idiotic opinion either…

When you get back, your government will treat you like shit. They reneged on veterans benefits, housing, health care, rehab

You truly need to check your facts you stupid fuck. Government awards ALL soldiers that come back, welcome them home with a ceremony and provides them with ANYTHING that they may need to get back on track.

I suggest you check out some vets sites to see just how well Uncle Sam treats its vets.

# When you return, many people will spit on you and treat you like shit. They will call you baby killer and baby rapist. You will receive ever increasing abuse over your lifetime as the horrors and injustice if the Iraq war surfaces. If you travel outside the USA, it will be even worse.

Really? Last time I checked I had people shaking my hand, thanking me, welcoming me. Restaurants offered me free food and I declined it because I felt that civilians needed more service than I. Everywhere I go in uniform, people thank me. You’re just jealous that your ass is fat, gay and can’t get what you want. Now if I bumped into you and you spitted on my face… may god help you…since you just broke the rules of engagement. You fired at me…get ready to get fisted in hell…but then again you just might enjoy that.

Yes, that is now and only if you confine your social contacts to other Jerry Springer guests, but as the truth of the war comes out and everyone learns that the war was a sham and that you guys behaved worse than Nazis you will see an increasingly more hostile reaction. Ask the Viet Nam vets how well America treats them today. I find that when Americans come to Canada, they immediately start apologising for the Iraq war and attempt to dissociate themselves from it.

# Joining the US military is a bit like joining the Mafia
AAAHAHHAHAHA…What are you Tony Soprano?? Here…have a Canoli…

When you join the Mafia you agree to kill people who have done nothing wrong and who have done you no injury. When you join the US military, you agree to kill children and women who have done nothing wrong and who have done you no injury. The difference is the Mafia pays better and the Army is more respectable in some circles.

or the Bush crime family as an enforcer, or plotting to murder a child. It is not something you should do lightly. You should not do it just because other people told you to, or because the ads were cool, or because it’s an easy job to get.

OK…and your point is???

I am reminding you of the Nuremberg principles. You are personally responsible for the crimes you commit as a soldier. You are an international war criminal just for aiding and abetting the Iraq war, much less for killing anyone. Just following orders is not a valid excuse. You may be 90 years old, but if all goes well, eventually you will be appropriately prosecuted and punished for your war crimes.

# You should check out carefully who it is you will be killing and why your are going to kill them. That is your responsibility, not just the president’s. Once you are in the military you no longer get to choose who you kill. You are the one who will pull the trigger. You should be sure such murders are necessary, not just that the person you plan to kill hates America, which may well be a perfectly rational response after what America did to him, his family and his country and no reason to kill anyone. In Afghanistan, you will find the reason to kill is to guard a pipeline for Unocal and to guard the opium crop for the Bush crime family that, through Afghanistan, now controls 87% of the world’s heroin. In Iraq, you are there to steal oil for American oil companies by terrifying the locals through shock & awe into giving it up. You also want to consider the consequences to yourself. You are setting yourself up as a war criminal, same as any Nazi. Iraq is an illegal war. You are potential subject to the same Nuremberg war-crimes trials as the Nazis were. Following orders is no excuse for murder or torture. Also consider the penalty you will tak e on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Plan enlistment as carefully as you would any other premeditated murder of a stranger.

Once again… you’re a retard… show me the facts on this… I dare you to post this on your website… I know you won’t since I speak the truth and you’re full of shit…faggot.

You make yourself look fooling when you make such challenges without doing some research on your own first to make sure the backup is not easily found. You can read about the opium trade in the book Whiteout. You can also read the various U.N. reports at the bottom of the Bush 911 links page.

I despair that someone such as you could even exist. How on earth could anyone be in favour of butchering innocent children? Yet, you are.

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