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Roedy Green’s Resume

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Contact and Identification

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Roedy Green
Canadian Mind Products
Precise address withdrawn due to too many death threats.
Victoria, BC
Latitude N+48° 25’ 00”, Longitude W-123° 22’ 00”
telephone telephone: (250) 361-9093 (please use email in preference to telephone)

Work History

I have been in independent consultant since 1982. Prior to that I worked for BC Hydro, Univac, The University of BC and the West Vancouver School Board. I have sought out a variety of challenging work experiences. My company is called Canadian Mind Products. At its peak I had eight employees building custom computers and creating custom software.

low Level


Computer Languages

I prefer coding in Java, Forth, assembler and Abundance. I can code in C++, C, Pascal, FØRTRAN, COBOL, PL/I, I have written code that used with most of the Java APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) such as Collections, JDBC (Java Data Base Connectivity), JavaMail, Java Web Start, signed Applets, JNI (Java Native Interface), JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface), Regex, RMI (Remote Method Invocation), sockets, Swing, serialization. I have less experience with server side such as Servlets, JSP (Java Server Pages), JDBC though I have written apps.


I am a compulsive documenter. The Java glossary started out as notes to myself and grew into one of the largest collections of Java lore on the Internet.




In the Winter of 1983 and Spring of 1984 I did a series of six lectures in major Canadian cities for the federal government to the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada as part of the Medici Conferences to encourage architects to use computers. I hosted a cable TV show called the Anything Box. For years I co-hosted the Q&A session at the Vancouver PC User society. When I did a lecture for a group of laboratory workers the emcee introduced me by saying that "When once Roedy did not know the answer to a question at a PC Users meeting, several people fainted." I speak every year anthe Pacific Computer Fair. I spoke at the recent Raincoast Computer User conference on the future of computers. I did a one-day seminar for the BC Credit Unions on how to deal with viruses. Patrick Munro invited me twice to talk about computers on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio. The Custom and Excise branch of Revenue Canada hired me to give a one-day seminar to teach their people how to recognize various computer components. As part of my business, I regularly put on one-day courses on various aspects of computers. I have a reputation for explaining in simple terms and keeping everyone wide awake with drama, humour and leaping about the stage to personify and enact the innards of some computer function.

Formal Education

I graduated from West Vancouver High School in 1964. I won two scholarships and a medal. Notable achievements of the time were being on a successful Reach For The Top television team, getting the top mark in North America in a special physics examination and placing in the top ten students in the province in mathematics, physics and chemistry. I studied Honours Organic Chemistry and Mathematics specializing in probability and statistics. I received a B.Sc. from UBC in 1968. I continued three years after that studying computer science and mathematics. Experience I have been working with computers seven days a week, for 54 years since I was fifteen. I have taken jobs to enable me to constantly try something new. I am as at home with mainframes as micros, with giant bureaucracies as with one man businesses. A few more highlights: I got my first job at age 15 with the West Vancouver School Board. I wrote a computer program to design the timetable for the school and to schedule students into the timetable. This program was used by Lord Byng High School as well. This generated publicity because at that time I was the youngest computer programmer in the world. I worked on this project until 1967 on grants from UBC and the Vancouver School Board. I wrote a program called OPTOW that designs all the new electric transmission lines in BC and Brazil. Another of my programs processes all the bills at Inland Natural Gas. I have written custom software for dozens of charities in Canada, the USA, India and Sweden. If you lose your cat, the Vancouver Humane Society uses a program I wrote to help you find it. If you go into Woodward’s, a computer I built and programmed turns the lights and fans on and off. If you buy a beer, your bartender registered for a government bartending course using a program I wrote. Right now I run a small business, Canadian Mind Products, where we build custom computers and write custom software. Summary I hope I have piqued your interest a little to let me try entertaining your group. I shine best when I can interact with an audience of at least twenty-five people, fielding spontaneous questions, in an informal setting.

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