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Expensive chips such as the Pentium CPU (Central Processing Unit) plug into connectors rather than being soldered in. Intel has recently patented the connectors it uses to block its competitors from fitting their CPUs (Central Processing Units) into Intel-compatible sockets. Slots are long thin sockets, much like a PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) slot. Sockets are usually square with holes for the pins to poke into.
Type Socket Speed Where used Advantages
socket 7 100 MHz Pentium, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) K6, Cyrix 6x86, Winchip
slot 1
100 MHz Pentium II
slot 2 100 MHz Pentium II
mobile slot 100 MHz Pentium II portables
slot A 100 MHz AMD K7, AMD K6-III
SECC (Single Edge Contact Cartridge) 100 MHz Intel Pentium III Xeon
slot 370 133 MHz Celeron
socket PPGA (Plastic Pin Grid Array) 133 MHz Celeron
socket 370
FC-PGA (Flip Chip Pin Grid Array)
133 MHz Pentium III Silicon rests against the top of the chip, near the heatsink
slot 1
133 MHz Pentium III
socket 8 200 MHz Pentium Pro
socket A 200 MHz AMD Duron, no longer manufactured.
slot A 200 MHz AMD Athlon
socket 462 200 MHz Intel and AMD
socket 940 333 MHz AMD K8, Opteron
socket 478 533 MHz Intel Pentium IV
socket 604 533 MHz Intel Xeon
Socket 754 ? AMD Sempron
Socket 939 1 GHz AMD Athlon and Opteron
AM2 1 GHz AMD Sempron, Athlon and Opteron. Supports DDR-2.
AM3 3.2GHz AMD. Uses DDR3 RAM (Random Access Memory). for Phenom II processors.
AM3+ ?GHz AMD. For Bulldozer and Zambezi 8-core CPUs.
There number of different sockets have exploded. You pretty well have to buy the CPU, motherboard and RAM at the same time to make sure they are compatible.

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