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Powerquest was bought out by Symantec. This is too bad. Powerquest was a family firm from Utah with a strong desire to produce quality products, not just make money. Powerquest makes a series of products for managing hard disks with Intel CPUs (Central Processing Units). The most famous is PartitionMagic. If you do a lot of fiddling with partitions setting up computers for people, or wish you could grow and shrink them on the fly, PartitionMagic is invaluable. It can also convert partitions between the various types. Includes support for DOS/Windows FAT16, Windows FAT32, Linux ext 2, Linux SWAP, NT NTFS (New Technology File System), and OS/2 HPFS (High Performance File System) partitions.

They are good people. They pay attention when you email or phone them. Their products are solid, straightforward and bug free. Their products include:

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