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power bar
A power bar is basically a heavy duty extension cord that lets you plug in 6 or 8 devices.


Consider the following devices associated with your desktop computer that might need an AC (Alternating Current) connection:

AC adapters are often bulky and cover up more than one outlet.

Here are two ways to get large number of outlets:

  1. cascading, plug a power bar into another in a daisy chain.
  2. Have an electrician install a power strip at a convenient height along the wall. You can then snap on as many outlets as you want wherever you need them. This is surprisingly inexpensive.

Surge Protection

Power bars contain surge protectors in them. They protect your computer equipment from damage from a sudden spike overvoltage. They also prevent your computer from making errors or rebooting when a spike hits. I consider this protection absolutely mandatory. However, they can’t do a thing if for a sagging undervoltage. For that you need an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). You have to spend  $40.00 CAD or more to get a surge protector that won’t be fried, (and hence useless) after the first few hits.

What To Look For

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