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Netflix was originally a DVD (Digital Video Disc) rental service where discs arrived in the mail. Now it delivers ad-free movies and TV shows over the Internet. Qwikster is the new name for the DVD service. You can watch on your desktop computer or on a number of types of toy computers. Some HDTVs (High Definition Televisions) are designed to hook up to NextFlix via your WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) Internet service without using your computer or requiring you to install an interface box. It is remarkably cheap, sometimes under $10.00 USD a month.

Viewing on your desktop computer has the advantage of high resolution and high fidelity surround-sound earphones.

Viewing on your TV has the advantage of a big screen that you can share with others and comfortable seating.

I tried Netflix on a premium Internet connection and fairly fast desktop computer. The resolution was good, but the images were jerky, especially the dance numbers. Netflix delivers the feed in real time. This means they cannot buffer up the entire movie ahead of time and play it at full resolution without jerkiness. I think it has improved since then as the Internet as a whole has matured. For good results, you probably want to sign up for a premium high-speed Internet connection, preferably delivered via fibre optic.

What can you do if your TV is not Netflix ready?

In the interests of making the products look easy, vendors of streaming video are cagey about explaining how the various pieces hook together or how it works. They don’t tell you about how clumsy the remote is or that it may not have one or you may also need an Android phone to provide the heart. To do this properly, streaming video functions should be integrated with the remote for the TIVO.

Shopping for Streaming Internet Boxes

Shomi, the Canadian version of NetFlix, is shutting down in 2016-11-30.

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