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Google’s scheme for delivering video content via wireless Internet to your HDTV (High Definition Television). You plug a dongle into your TV’s spare HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port, and it picks up WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) from your router.

The original version used a dongle that looked like this:

original Comcast video dongle

The second generation version looks like this, black by default:

Comcast 2 video dongle

There is also a version to deliver digital audio.

Comcast audio dongle

The contents is either free, or something you previously subscribed to such as: Youtube, Shomi, CTV (Canadian Television network) Go, Netflix, Spotify, CraveTV, Google Play Movies, Just Dance Now. There is no monthly charge for the dongle.

You can buy the dongles from Google or affiliate stores (oddly, not Amazon). You choose your content using a remote that talks to the dongle.

Video dongle $45.00 USD

Audio dongle $45.00 USD

To work well, you will want high speed cable or fibre Internet access.

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