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Logitech is primarily known as the world’s leading manufacturer of mice. They make two very inexpensive models the M310 and the M325 which I find preferable to much more expensive models. They also make headsets which are expensive, uncomfortable and fragile. They also make keyboards with lots of gimmicky extra keys. Logitech has the competition skunked when it comes to making mouse batteries last. Their wireless system is more reliable. Because mice are mechanical devices, you can’t expect a mouse to last more than about two years.

Logitech makes hundreds of models of mouse. The prices wildly fluctuate every day. The prices often seem to have no relation to features. It drives you crazy trying to pick the most appropriate one, given that no stores will let you test drive them. How do you choose?

Even after all that, there are dozens of mice that fit any set of criteria. Logitech does not provide comparison grids to help you refine your pick. On the website is a way to compare three mice at a time, but the information it gives provides so clue why one mouse would cost twice as much as another.

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