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canned air

A metal can containing “compressed air’. You use a blast of it to clean crumbs out of a keyboard, dust out of a fan, clean a CD/DVD (Compact Disc/Digital Video Disc) player, or dust off a computer component. It is a misnomer since it actually contains gases more easily compressed than air, e.g. difluoroethane, trifluoroethane, or tetrafluoroethane. My can of Certified Data Ultra Duster contains difluoroethane, a refrigerant related to freon. I checked up on it. It has low toxicity and is not a greenhouse gas. It is ozone friendly. However, the label warns you that deliberately inhaling it is dangerous and can kill you. It has a faint hospital aroma.

Your computer, home stereo equipment and other electronics tend to accumulate dust inside. When it builds up sufficiently it will short out the circuit boards with a bang that fries things. To prevent this, dust out your electronics with some canned air, periodically. Your computer will need it most often since it has powerful fans sucking in dusty air.

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Gasto electronic home
asin B002GCXCZA
6 twelve ounce cans of compressed gas for cleaning electronic components. Contains difluoroethane not compressed air. Specs.
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