WMF : Java Glossary


it has two meaninings:
  1. WMF (Windows Media Format). Microsoft’s proprietary compressed streaming audio and video format that competes with MP3/MP4 and RealAudio. JMF (Java Media Framework) does not support it. It has a *.wma extension. Confusingly, *.wmf is a vector graphics metafile format, nothing to do with audio or Windows Media Format. Microsoft claims that wma files have CD (Compact Disc) quality with double the compression of *.mp3.
  2. WMF (Windows Metafile Format). Microsoft’s proprietary vector graphics format that permits embedded raster graphics. It has a similar function to PostScript to provide a printer-independent format for storing files to be printed. Like PostScript, they can contain executable code.
JMF: JMF streaming video

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