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splash screen
A splash is an image that comes up while a program is loading.
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Why Use a Splash Screen?

A splash screen has several functions.

Application Splash

You might implement a Splash logo in your own program by, very first thing, before any other classes are loaded, use some code like

The problem with this technique is quite a bit of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and application code has to be loaded before the splash screen with show up on the screen.

JApplet Splash

In Java version 1.5 or later there is a splash logo that comes up as your JApplet loads. It looks a radiant Sun. You can modify that with a magic <param image tag that provides an alternate

Java Web Start Splash

You can add a splash screen to an JApplet or application with Java Web Start just by adding
<!-- adding splash image to your Java Web Start app -->
<icon href="../splash.gif" kind="splash" />

Command Line Splash

Starting in Java 1.6+ you can specify a splash image on the command line like this:
rem invoking a splash image
java.exe -splash:welcome.gif -jar mine.jar

I have not experimented to figure out where the JVM looks for the image, presumably the classpath which might include inside the jar.

Manifest Splash

You trigger a png, jpg or gif image to display while your program loads by putting a command in the jar manifest like this:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Main-Class: Test
SplashScreen-Image: mysplash.png

You can fine tune it, but not trigger it, with the java.awt.SplashScreen class.

I have not experimented to figure out where the JVM looks for the image, presumably the classpath which might include inside the jar.

Jet Splash

The Excelsior Jet native compiler LAUNCHPAD utility will attach a splash image to your executable that starts instantly, even before the JVM loads.

Kicker Splash

The Kicker technique has the advantage you can get your splash screen up even before the JVM loads. It can also handle services like setting the directory, setting the classpath, avoiding multiple instances etc. You write a little C program that execs the JVM and your app.

Learning More

Oracle’s Javadoc on SplashScreen class : available:

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