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response code
Everyone is familiar with error 404 not found. The codes are arranged in bands:
HTTP Response Codes
Code HttpURLConnection
Meaning Notes
200 HTTP_OK OK This is the most common code when all went well.
201 HTTP_CREATED Created
202 HTTP_ACCEPTED Accepted
203 HTTP_NOT_AUTHORITATIVE Non-Authoritative Information
204 HTTP_NO_CONTENT No Content
205 HTTP_RESET Reset Content
206 HTTP_PARTIAL Partial Content
300 HTTP_MULT_CHOICE Multiple Choices
301 HTTP_MOVED_PERM Moved Permanently This means the page has moved permanently. Please change your links since the old URL (Uniform Resource Locator) will probably soon stop working. The replacement relative URL is in the location field of the response header.
302 HTTP_MOVED_TEMP Temporary Redirect You should repeat the GET with the relative URL in the location field of the response header. You should not update your records with that redirected URL since it is valid only for this one use. You can usually ask your HTTP manager to follow such link chains for you transparently. You can thus for all practical purposes assume this code will never occur.
303 HTTP_SEE_OTHER See Other This usually means the page has changed from http:// to https:// or vice versa. Please update your links.
304 HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED Not Modified Not modified since last time you requested the page, presuming you still have the previous copy. Used in conjunction with If-Modified-Since in the request header.
305 HTTP_USE_PROXY Use Proxy
400 HTTP_BAD_REQUEST Bad Request
401 HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED Unauthorized This is the most common response when you have tried to access a page that requires logon first. Sometimes used for withdrawn data.
402 HTTP_PAYMENT_REQUIRED Payment Required
403 HTTP_FORBIDDEN Forbidden You get this if you are hitting a site with simultaneous probes.
404 HTTP_NOT_FOUND Not Found This is the most common code when the URL does not exist. Sometimes coded as 404 gone
405 HTTP_BAD_METHOD Method Not Allowed
406 HTTP_NOT_ACCEPTABLE Not Acceptable
407 HTTP_PROXY_AUTH Proxy Authentication Required
408 HTTP_CLIENT_TIMEOUT Request Time-Out
409 HTTP_CONFLICT Conflict
410 HTTP_GONE Gone
411 HTTP_LENGTH_REQUIRED Length Required
412 HTTP_PRECON_FAILED Precondition Failed
413 HTTP_ENTITY_TOO_LARGE Request Entity Too Large
414 HTTP_REQ_TOO_LONG Request-URI Too Large
415 HTTP_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE Unsupported Media Type
500 HTTP_SERVER_ERROR Internal Server Error
500 HTTP_INTERNAL_ERROR Internal Server Error
501 HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED Not Implemented
502 HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY Bad Gateway
503 HTTP_UNAVAILABLE Service Unavailable
504 HTTP_GATEWAY_TIMEOUT Gateway Timeout
505 HTTP_VERSION HTTP Version Not Supported
506 HTTP_VARIANT_ALSO_NEGOTIATES A variant for the requested resource is itself a negotiable resource. This indicates a configuration error.
507 HTTP_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE Not enough RAM (Random Access Memory) to process this request
510 HTTP_NOT_EXTENDED A mandatory extension policy in the request is not accepted by the server for this resource
There are other HTTP errors in the series documented as part of HttpURLConnection and HttpServletResponse.
Oracle’s Javadoc on getResponseMessage class : available:
Oracle’s Javadoc on HTTP response codes : available:
Server HTTP response codes : available:

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