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Why I Don’t Like George W. Bush

Around the world people are dying, ecosystems are crumbling and economies face ruin because of climate change and all Bush and the oil industry can think of is how to maximise their profits and continue business as usual.
~ Paul Horsman , Greenpeace spokesperson
The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
~ John Kenneth Galbraith (1908-10-15 2006-04-29 age:97)


The following is my list of reasons for disliking George W. Bush and his administration. I think it is important for people to mobilise now to ensure he is not re-elected.

Why Get Rid of Bush

  1. Like Clinton, Bush lied. However, he lied about something far more important than who performed fellatio on him. He lied about what sorts policies he would implement. He advertised himself as a middle-of-the-road compassionate conservative. In reality, his administration has been the most right wing since James Monroe’s.
  2. He masterminded a huge tax cut that benefitted only the wealthy. There are pots of money for those who already have plenty and no money for education or health or for the poor.
  3. He is successfully selling this phony Star Wars program. The project has already spent 68 billion of dollars without success. Even if it does eventually succeed, it will cost trillions of dollars more and any self respecting terrorist will simply go around it. It is much easier to bomb Oklahoma-style than it is to send in a missile. In the Reagan era, Scientific American pointed out the folly of Star Wars technology because of the way it is so much cheaper to modify the offense than to develop a new defense to counter. Star Wars is pure Harp-style (See the movie Remo Williams The Adventure Begins) boondoggle to fatten the military contractors. Ironically, Star Wars will increase the odds of accidental nuclear war. The most optimistic estimate is that a shield might block 90% of the missiles. To counter that, China has already said it will simply build ten times as many missiles. However, to pay for them, they will have to skimp on safety. Those extra missiles dramatically increase the risk of accidental launch. Star Wars won’t help the military security of the USA one iota. It will weaken security because it will suck money away from projects that would truly help. Boeing, TRW and Lockheed could still get the money, but produce something useful, with better civilian spinoffs.
  4. He has money for his cronies, but no money to help municipalities upgrade their water supplies to lower arsenic levels.
  5. He cut funding for AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) research and treatment. He ignored Bill Gate’s pleas to get on with fighting the global epidemic. The longer he procrastinates, the harder the problem become to solve. Microbes and viruses do not respect national boundaries.
  6. Vice President Cheney announced the US has no intention of doing anything to reduce energy consumption. Even the mildest conservation/efficiency measures would be equivalent to an entire new oil field in the arctic national parks. The only motive I can think of for such a strange policy is to maximise the short term profits of oil companies.
  7. He is behind so called free trade.
  8. Bush is playing ostrich on CO₂. He backed out of the Kyoto agreement. He does not care if he destroys the planet with global warming so long the oil company profit are up this year. He is not even looking after the oil companies’ long term interests.
  9. Bush is the worst thing to happen to the English language since pro wrestling. Even professional announcers now talk about prinssibles.
  10. I feel very uneasy that Americans have elected a dry alcoholic and supspected ex cocaine addict to the presidency. What might have happened if JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) had been a dry alcoholic during the Cuban missile crisis? That is a very stressful job. Russia disgraced and destroyed herself with an alcoholic leader.
  11. Bush is such a wimp he can’t even persuade his two teenage daughters from repeatedly publicly disgracing him. What does that tell Saddam Hussein?
  12. Bush/Ashcroft are shredding the constitution with secret trials, relaxed rules of evidence and confinement without criminally charging.
  13. As a teen, Bush tortured frogs by inserting explosives into them and shooting them with 22s. Dick Cheney as an adult in 2003-12 shot 70 tame pheasants for his amusement. Of course, both are responsible for thousands of maimings and deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan of women, children and American GIs. They tell us they lied about why they started the Iraq war, but so far have not even bothered to come up with a replacement excuse.

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