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A Unix utility to find out who owns a given domain name or IP (Internet Protocol).
IP Owner
IP From Domain Name
Domain Owner
Domain/IP Location
Face IP


There are five common questions about domain names and IP you may have:

  1. Who owns this IP?
  2. I know the domain name. What IP does it map so I can put an entry in my hosts. file.
  3. Who owns this domain name?
  4. Where on the planet is this IP broadcasting from?
  5. What is my face IP?
  6. Is this server available/up?

1. Who Owns This IP?

For the first question, who owns or is currently using this IP, see IP lookup services

2. Finding the IP From a Domain Name

For the second question, finding the IP given the domain name, you need an DNS (Domain Name Service) lookup service:

3. Finding out who owns a Domain

For the third question (who owns this domain) use one of these whois services:

You might think it sufficient for to check if a domain name is taken to simply point your browser to www.xxxxx.com and see if you get a 404 not found error. However, the name may be taken, with no webserver set up, so the name would appear to be free when it was actually taken.

4. Finding out Where a Domain/IP is Located

For third question (where is the domain located) use one of these IP locator services:

5. Finding our Your Face IP

Ways of Finding Your Face IP
Logo Link Notes
moose Your face IP :[] Your face IP is displayed at the bottom of every page of this website. I do this with SSI (Server Side Includes).
IPChicken logo IPchicken.com tells your face ip and which ports you have open. They also tell you your face name, e.g. your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on the web, possibly temporarily assigned for your connection. It might look something like this S0106991195576dda.gv.shawcable.net or d207-81-138-97.bchsia.telus.net That is not my real one. I don’t want to encourage hackers.
Dyn logo checkip.dyndns.org:8245/ Offers many other services as well.
WhatIsMyIPAddress logo WhatIsMyIPAddress.com has many annoying ads you must close to discover the answer.
In a Servlet you can use javax.servlet. ServletRequest. getRemotePort().
The face ip is different from the IP of your computer on the LAN (Local Area Network). An IP of a computer on a LAN is typically something like The router has two ips, one it talks to the computers on the lan often and one it uses to talk to the outside world, dynamically assigned by the ISP using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

6. Is this server available/up?

Available Applet is a whoIs that tells you if a server is available/up. It also tells you the IP given the host or the host given the IP.

WhatIsMyIP has a number of IP tools for programmers.

domain names
face IP
IsUp.me short for DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com
RedBot: info about a site’s caching and partial content fetching

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