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Montastic logo  Montastic is a free service to notify you if website is up or down. They monitor your site and send you an email whenever its status changes. This service is some times called RUM (Real Use Monitoring). You put a dummy montastic.html file in your web root directory for them to test. Make sure you tell them an email account separate from the website you are monitoring or the notifications won’t get through when the server is down.

The Montastic servers are in Austin Texas in the USA. When they report an outage, the problem might not be your site, but the Internet links to Austin. When you get an outage it help to check with several friends over the globe to see if any of them can get through. It also helps to try access via IP (Internet Protocol) (perhaps by setting up a HOSTS. entry) to see if the problem is purely in DNS (Domain Name Service) lookup, or lookup in some localised part of the net. Also check HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and email separately. Your server may be physically up with some of its software crashed.

Beware. Similar services sometimes report false outages attempting to convince you to switch ISP (Internet Service Provider) website hosting providers.

Host-Tracker is particularly interesting because it shows availability from spots all over the planet. However, it can show a site it up when it is not because it accepts cached pages as counting as up.

CheckUpDown: $75/year
Dotcom-monitor pay monitoring from worldwide
Free uptime monitors
Host-Tracker: one time check access from about a dozen global cities
Internet troubleshooting
MangageEngine: another website monitoring service
Outage Notifier student project
Pingdom: pay monitoring from 50 locations
Who Can See Me: student project

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