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spell checker
A program that looks words up in a dictionary to check your spelling.

Commercial Spell Checkers

All prices are in  CurrCon Applet needs Java 1.8 or later to display prices in your local currency.

Free Spell checkers

Need for Spell Checkers

Spelling, though now neglected by the education system, is more important than ever. If you compose a web page, unless you spell the words correctly, including proper names, they will not be properly indexed by the search engines. If you compose programs with variable names incorrectly spelled, others will not be able to remember them. If you post on the Internet, there is no secretary to take dictation. Your spelling errors betray you as an ignoramus to all your readers. They will dismiss your ideas before they even consider them.

A typo is a spelling mistake where it is clear you know how to spell a work but you fingers fumbled and produced something weird when typing, e.g. that for than. These are not quite as damaging to your reputation as spelling errors, but they have most of the same consequences.

Most word processors, email programs and newsreaders come with a built-in spell checker. You still have to use it. They can’t catch errors such using your for you’re. You have to train yourself to catch those manually.

Under the Hood

Conceptually, a spell checker is very simple. It has a list of correctly spelled words. It goes through your document one by one looking up the word to see if it is present in the list of correctly spelled words. The trick is to encode the list in such a way it takes up little space on disk and in RAM and the lookup is very fast. The spell checker can use some of the following techniques.


There are a number of problems with spell checkers. What do we need to rectify these problems? In descending order of importance:
  1. We need a universal interface for spell checker plugins, much like JCE or JavaMail. You can buy a high performance one, plug it in and it works identically with all apps. We should start with Java and later try to extend it to an all the apps on an OS (Operating System).
  2. Spell checkers need to work anywhere and everywhere you edit text … filling in forms, composing email, programming, browsing, chattering on Facebook… all in exactly the same way.
  3. There need to be hierarchical exception lists of additional legitimate words. Some words are universally ok, some ok just in the context of a certain document, others only in the context of a sentence or even word instance.
  4. Hidden in the text needs to be embedded information about what checks have been already done, or which parts of the document, by whom. That way you don’t have to keep rechecking the same stuff over and over every time you make a tiny change to the document. It also can be used to ensure you never export anything without first spell checking it.
  5. Spell checkers need to be transparently collaborative. You should be able to automatically submit your document to several automated checkers and/or professional human proofreaders, then automatically compare the results and deal only the discrepancies yourself. The various proofreading services (who might just be friends you swap with the get fresher eyes), can work simultaneously and continuously as you edit your documents.

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