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grammar checker

A program that checks your grammar, e.g. consistency of voice, plural agreement, avoidance of trite phrases etc. The best known one is Grammarly for $140.00 USD a year. White Smoke Basic is $80.00 USD per year. Other services and utilities are free.

You can look on a grammar checker as a grammar tutor. For example, as I used a spell checker, I stopped making all my old common spelling errors. As I used an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) validator, I now rarely make HTML errors. Presumably, the quality of the grammar of your first drafts will improve by using a grammar checker.

Ginger proofreader free
Grammarbase free grammar checker
Grammarly grammar checking service
PaperRater free grammar checker
SpellCheckPlus free spelling and grammar checker
The Commentator student project
White Smoke grammar checker
Wikipedia on grammar checkers

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