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Variable look and feel. An add-on to an application to decorate it in some theme. Often pale images are used as backgrounds on panels. Widgets may have a custom look and feel. c.f. Leonard Cohen’s song New skin for the old ceremony. Sometimes they are called themes. Skins often include new icons, a new colour scheme, textured backgrounds, cursors, animated cursors and sometimes user interface modifications. In particular, Opera, Firefox, Trillian and WinAmp have inspired prodigious skinning creativity.
How To Update Skins In Various Programs
Last revised/verified: 2008-01-23
Logo Browser What To Do
Get Java Java
Opera logo Opera Click Tools ⇒ Appearance ⇒ Skin.
Firefox logo Firefox Click Tools ⇒ Add-ons ⇒ themes.
SeaMonkey logo SeaMonkey Click view ⇒ apply theme.
Internet Explorer 7 IE (Internet Explorer) 7 Has so skins of its own. Track the Windows theme.
Internet Explorer 6 IE 6 Has so skins of its own. Track the Windows theme.
Safari logo Safari Safari does not support skins.
Trillian logo Trillian click Trillian ⇒ Trillian Preferences ⇒ Skins
Windows logo Windows Windows prior to Vista came with a rich variety of themes. Vista comes with only two, Windows Vista and Windows Classic. You might find others from third parties on the web. To switch click Start ⇒ control panel ⇒ Appearance and Personalisation⇒ Personalisation ⇒ Change the Theme ⇒ Theme .

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