PostgreSQL : Java Glossary



A free SQL (Standard Query Language) database. The current version is 9.6.1 Last revised/verified: 2016-10-27 It is also known as Postgres, but never Postgre.

Advantages of PostgreSQL over MySQL

Advantages of MySQL over PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Supported Types

Name Aliases Description
bigint int8 signed eight-byte integer
bigserial serial8 autoincrementing eight-byte integer
bit   fixed-length bit string
bit varying(n) varbit(n) variable-length bit string
Boolean bool logical Boolean (true/false)
box   rectangular box in the plane
bytea   binary data
character varying(n) varchar(n) variable-length character string
character(n) char(n) fixed-length character string
cidr   IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) or IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) network address
circle   circle in the plane
date   calendar date (year, month, day). Stored internally as 4-byte binary.
double precision float8 double precision floating-point number
ENUM define the enum like this CREATE TYPE mood AS ENUM ('sad', 'ok', 'happy'); then use it as if it were a built-in type. It sorts in ordinal order. You set the values with ordinary Strings. The total length of all the possible values must be ≤ 63, a severe restriction. Postgre enums behave both like java enums and EnumSets. There are set SET('fragile', 'oversize', 'express')
inet   IPv4 or IPv6 host address
integer int, int4 signed four-byte integer
interval(p)   time span
line   infinite line in the plane (not fully implemented)
lseg   line segment in the plane
macaddr   MAC (Media Access Control) address
money   currency amount
numeric [ (p, s) ] decimal [ (p, s) ] exact numeric with selectable precision
path   open and closed geometric path in the plane
point   geometric point in the plane
polygon   closed geometric path in the plane
real float4 single precision floating-point number
smallint int2 signed two-byte integer
serial serial4 autoincrementing four-byte integer
text   variable-length character string
time [ (p) ] [ without time zone ]   time of day
time [ (p) ] with time zone timetz time of day, including time zone
timestamp [ (p) ] without time zone timestamp date and time
timestamp [ (p) ] [ with time zone ] timestamptz date and time, including time zone
tsquery text search query
tsvector text search document
txid_snapshot user-level transaction ID snapshot
uuid universally unique identifier
xml XML (extensible Markup Language) data

Unfortunately, the names are not the same names as Java uses. Postgres predates Java.



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