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The CurrCon Java Applet displays prices on this web page converted with today’s exchange rates into your local international currency, e.g. Euros, US dollars, Canadian dollars, British Pounds, Indian Rupees… CurrCon requires an up-to-date browser and Java version 1.8, preferably 1.8.0_131. If you can’t see the prices in your local currency, Troubleshoot. Use Firefox for best results.

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aka NetTransport aka Xi Net-Xfer is a $30.00 USD shareware program from Xi Software in China that lets you download files by various streaming protocols such as MMS (Microsoft Media Server) and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), cloaked RTSP, RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol), RTMPT, Flash, BitTorrent, eMule, RN5 authentication, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and SSH (Secure Shell) encryption. The current version is 2.96k.720 Last revised/verified: 2015-03-01. It understands Russian dolls such as .asx, .smi to acquire real URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). Works on. This is useful for example if you want a permanent copy of a video presentation, rather than just view it online. This is a very technical program. The documentation will sail over the head of most people wanting to use it. The menus are deeply nested like a rabbit warren. You can do fancy things like load a file with several threads at once to speed the download.

Somebody needs to write a step-by-step tutorial for people who don’t understand and perhaps don’t want to understand the technology behind it.

The author is very co-operative. Even before I registered the program, I sent him the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a file I was having trouble downloading and asked if the fault was mine or the program’s. He sent me back the magic settings within hours. It turned out all I needed to download a mms: video was, was click download ⇒ properties ⇒ other settings ⇒ streaming ⇒ via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

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