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I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.
Defnct, was a free Java WebServer offering Caucho Resin, JSP (Java Server Pages) and HSQLDB. MySQL was available for those who contribute to the project. The big problem was lack of documentation. Here are some of the basics I have figured out, by experiment and by combing the forums.

You put your JSP and servlet code directly in your assigned FTP (File Transfer Protocol) directory using an FTP upload program like FTP Voyager. You don’t use a WEB-INF structure.

People using your MyJavaServer JSP apps will access a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) like this:

People using your MyJavaServer Servlets will access a URL like this:
You are sharing the Servlet womb with everyone else.

Note that your Servlets must all be in a root package the same as your account name. You must manually compile them with the Util ⇒ Java menu item. JSP ’s are autocompiling.

HyperSonic SQL (Standard Query Language)

MyJavaServer offers Hypersonic SQL. You are best to get your app working locally with it first. The engine runs in four modes.
Type driver access Notes
In-Memory jdbc:hsqldb:. No persistence. An applet, for example, could have his very own database running in its own JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
Standalone Engine jdbc:hsqldb:DATASET Uses files only.
Server Engine jdbc:hsqldb:hsql:// Allows access from applications running on other machines on the net.
WebServer Engine jdbc:hsqldb: toy webserver that lets you issue SQL commands from a browser.

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