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JFC (Java Foundation Classes). The original name for Swing. Oracle’s set of fancy JavaBean compatible GUI (Graphic User Interface) components. These include: Drag and Drop, New high-Level components, Pluggable Look/Feel (you choose whether you want to look like Windows, X etc.) 2D API (Application Programming Interface), Accessability Features for the physically challenged, Tree view, List view, Table view, Tool bar, Pane Splitter, Tabbed folder, multi-column List, List with images, Progress bar, Slider, Styled Text, support import/export of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and RTF (Rich Text Format), Font Chooser, Color Chooser, Custom cursors, Tool tips, Generic button and MenuItem with image/check marks, Status bar, Spinbox, Combobox, Drop-down combobox, Drop down list box, Composable button, Multimedia Controls: Movie slider, AudioController, Movie controller, Properties, AudioGauge and MidiPanel. JFC grew out of Netscape’s IFC (Internet Foundation Classes). The GUI portion of JFC is known as Swing.
book cover recommend book⇒Graphic Java 1.2: Mastering the JFC : AWTto book home
by David M. Geary 978-0-13-079666-0 paperback
publisher Prentice Hall
published 1998-09-21
Covers both the Java 1.2 JFC/Swing and Java 1.1 AWT, somewhat obsolete now.
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