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I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.

According to Barry J. Wark, IFC (Internet Foundation Classes) stands for IFC. The IFC was an application framework/class library. It was an alternative to Oracle’s AWT (Advanced Windowing Toolkit), the precessor to Swing. It is no longer supported. It was developed by a group of ext-NeXT employees who started NetCode. Netscape acquired NetCode. The NetCode employees kept working on IFC, and eventually on JFC/Swing. The NetCode people are now working at AvantGo doing Palm software. Basically, IFC replaces the GUI (Graphic User Interface) classes in the standard Java distribution (the AWT) with classes that are written purely in Java (so they look the same on any machine) and draw themselves using the AWT machinery. IFC uses a slightly different event mechanism (some think it’s better, others don’t) from AWT. IFC has caught on to a certain extent because it offered features like drag and drop and a TextView object which handled rich styling, which the AWT didn’t yet offer. Also because it is pure Java, development time for cross platform apps was less. Sun took IFC and reworked it to make it more general and dubbed it JFC/Swing. You won’t see IFC used much anymore.

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