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JDK release dates
Here are the dates the various Java versions were released. This table does not show the minor _01 _02 type releases. Major releases 1.3, 1.4.0, 1.5.0 and 1.6.0 are named after birds or mammals, while minor releases are named after insects, given that they are bug-fix releases.
Java JDK (Java Development Kit) Releases Dates and Release Differences
Date Version Codename New Features Introduced In that Release
1996-01-23 1.0 Oak? Java released to public
1997-02-18 1.1 Sparkler No longer supported. Added a totally new event model, using Listeners, anonymous classes and inner classes. This is the level Microsoft has trapped many of its customers at. Netscape proprietary RSA code signing. Microsoft proprietary CAB (Cabinet file) code signing.
1997-09-12 1.1.4 Sparkler
1997-12-03 1.1.5 Pumpkin
1998-04-24 1.1.6 Abigail
1998-09-28 1.1.7 Brutus
1999-04-08 1.1.8 Chelsea
1998-12-04 1.2 Playground No longer supported. Added ArrayList and other Collections, added Swing (though the initial release is missing many methods). Added DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) code signing. Added BufferedImage
1999-03-30 1.2.1 (none)
1999-07-08 1.2.2 Cricket
2000-05-08 1.3 Kestrel No longer supported. java.util.Timer, java.lang. StrictMath, Runtime. addShutdownHook, java.awt. Robot, java.awt.print. PageAttributes, java.media.sound (MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and sampled). Hotspot introduced. RMI (Remote Method Invocation) now has the option of using CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) ’s IIOP protocol. Added RSA code signing, which quickly effectively obsoleted DSA certificates.
2001-05-17 1.3.1 Ladybird
2002-02-13 1.4 Merlin No longer supported. added regexes, assertions and nio.
2002-09-16 1.4.1 Hopper (Grasshopper)
2003-06-26 1.4.2 Mantis
2004-09-29 1.5 Tiger added StringBuilder, java.util.concurrent, generics, enums, annotations, autoboxing, covariant return types, for:each, static import and variable-length argument lists. MacOS for the PowerPC is stuck at version 1.5. .
2006-12-12 1.6 Mustang System tray, subpixel antialiasing, Document-modal, Application-modal, Toolkit-modal, Applet splash screens, JTable sorting, true double buffering, digitally signed XML (extensible Markup Language) files, JWS (Java Web Start) support for *.ico and *.png, JavaCompiler (ability to invoke javac cleanly), JDBC (Java Data Base Connectivity) 4.0, smart card API (Application Programming Interface), Console. readPassword, improved drag & drop. Apple OS X 10.5 supports JDK 1.8.0_131. pluggable annotations, more.
2011-07-28 1.7 Dolphin String case lablels. binary literals. Underscores in numeric literals. Multiple Exception catch.
2013-09 8.0 none closures aka lambda λ lambda expressions, unsigned literals, annotations on Java types, date and time API (to unify Date and Calendar, use 1-based months, deal with multihour DST) tight integration with JavaFX.
Future Versions
2017-03 9.0 none better support for multi-gigabyte heaps, better native code integration and a self-tuning JVM. JSON support. Kulla scripting. At one point it included an AOT compiler, but that has probably been dropped.
2018 10.0 none Primitives behave identically to objects. 64-bit arrays and Collections. Currency.?

Mac OS (Operating System) programmers are stuck on Java version 1.5. To get Java version 1.6 they need Mac OS X.

JDK version history

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