Integer : Java Glossary


Integer is an object wrapper around a 32-bit int primitive.

Integer is also the name of Athena’s collaborative spreadsheet. It is also known as MesaOnline or eSheet. The model runs on a fast server using a multi-threaded calculation engine. Clients scattered over the planet can simultaneously view, enter data and change formulas in the common model. Clients can each view different parts of the spreadsheet, or interface to it through custom Java code. Despite its name, Integer handles floating point, the same as any other spreadsheet. The calculation engine cleverly assigns work to many threads so that they minimally interfere with each other. This means Integer screams on a multi-CPU or multi-core machine. Integer can import and export Excel spreadsheets. In the late 1990s I worked on the team developing it, primarily writing the Javadoc.

It is being resurrected to work with Ajax, but the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to play with it is not yet released publicly.

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