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HTML tidier
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is easier to edit and proofread once it has been beautified/tidied. A tidier does such things as:
HTML Tidiers
Name Advantages Disadvantages
HTMLTidy Free. Highly configurable. Also comes bundled with HTML Validator. Tidy started life at W3. You can find some documentation there. Can also clean up minor errors and convert to XHTML (extensible Hypertext Markup Language). Absolutely hopeless documentation. You will need a degree in hieroglyphics to make any sense of it the little of it there is. It is could be considered a geekish joke.
Dreamweaver Part of Dreamweaver. Expensive. Extremely slow. No blank line insertion.
Compactor Free. Compacts out all unnecessary while space to minimise upload and download time. Does no beautification. Cannot insert spaces back in.
Visual Slick Edit Bundled with Slick Edit, a general purpose programmer editor. Easy to configure. Fast. Expensive.
Marc Gueury’s HTML validator Free. Uses same program as W3 for validation. Uses HTMLTidy for tidy. works as a Firefox add-in.
InfoHound Free. Easy to configure (a subset of HTMLTidy). Web based. Slow and clumsy. You must upload your file and past the tidied results from your browser, file by file.

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