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CSS editor
You can create CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) style sheet files with an ordinary text editor, even Notepad, however, if the editor has special features it can greatly speed up the process of creating, editing and validating files. An ideal editor would have the following features: Some of the editors I have used include:
HTML editors
Editor Advantages Disadvantages
TopStyle This is what I mostly use. It is specifically for editing CSS, nothing else. It will edit, validate, sort and tidy. The main thing I don’t like about it is the source itself is in the left column and the dialogs to edit the source are on the right. Clicking on the left does not take you to the corresponding place on the right. You must manually search for it.
Adobe Dreamweaver The most commonly used editor by web professionals. . Expensive. Slow to start up. A bit overwhelming if you don’t need the advanced features. .
Amaya free, opensource. Small and quick. No beautify.
CSE HTMLValidator Primarily an HTML/CSS validator. Does nice syntax colouring. No particular aids to editing. It is essentially Notepad with syntax colourising.
IntelliJ Idea general programmer editor with special features for specific languages including CSS, can write plugins in Java Expensive, but free for open source projects. Somewhat slow.
MicroEdge Visual Slick Edit very quick, general programmer editor, arbitrarily elaborate macros, no beautify. Expensive.

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