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Duke Duke
Oracle’s cartoon character associated with Java. When you see Duke in your system tray, you can right click him to turn the Java console on and off. on 2006-11-13 Sun made the Duke logo open source. You may now use it without restriction, including making your own modifications. There are scores of variants available.

CMP (Canadian Mind Products) Free Icons

I commissioned the Aha-Soft artists to create the following 6 icons. They come in sizes from 16 × 16 to 256 × 256 in both png and ico format. You may download the entire suite of sizes and formats and use them as you please.

Icons You May Use Freely On Your Own Website and in Your Own Applications
128 × 128
Download Purpose Description
Java Web Start download JWS (Java Web Start)
Java Web Start
a winged coffee bean being launched by a spring. It suggests whimsically launching the Java app into the air, like launching a rocket. You might use the icon for the .jnlp extension. I use this icon to represent Java Web Start
JDK download JDK (Java Development Kit)
Oracle’s public domain Duke character dressed as a full-figured carpenter carrying a tool kit containing a saw. You might use the icon for the .java extension. I use this icon to represent the JDK .
JRE download JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
Oracle’s public domain Duke character as a runner, stripped down and lean, to suggest the bare essentials needed to run Java applications. He is wearing a yellow jersey, suggestive of the yellow jersey worn by the front runner in la Tour de France bicycle race. You might use the icon for the .class extension. I use this icon to represent the JRE .
woodpecker download woodpecker Woodpecker. I am not sure what precise species this one is supposed to be. It looks a bit like a golden fronted woodpecker. The image was only intended to represent a generic woodpecker. Check out whatbird.com search for excellent bird illustrations to help you identify species. I use this icon to represent  unmaintainable code.
If builders built buildings the way programmers write programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.
~ Weinberg’s Second Law (1933-10-27 age:84)
blue whale download blue whale This is a blue whale, the largest animal that ever existed. I use this icon to represent animal rights.
Swing download tire swing I use this icon to represent Swing GUI Components.
giraffe download giraffe I use this icon to represent browsers.

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