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Receive a file. When you send files to BIX (Byte Information Exchange), a website or BBS (Bulletin Board System) system this is called uploading and when you receive files this is called downloading. You use the following mnemonic: think of BIX as something high and mighty perched on a glass hill, as is the fairy tale.
Why don’t we call it send and receive like sensible people do? send and receive are relative verbs. If I entered a send command, does this mean I plan to send something to BIX, or does it mean I want BIX to send something to me? If I say upload there is no ambiguity, just bafflement until you get used to the terminology. In the case one person calls another, the caller uploads (sends) and downloads (receives) files.
Real Audio make a program called RealDownload that supposedly helps you download files. It is utterly useless. Its only function is to show you ads. Its only innovation is dumping all your files in one directory rather than letting you choose where they should go. Microsoft has done some surprisingly good work in this area, at least for installing patches and updates to Windows. It figures out what you don’t already have, then you tick off what you want and the rest is automatic.
The best file downloader I have found is the Opera browser. It starts the download in the background even before you have decided on the final name and resting place for the file. It is quicker than the other browsers. When appropriate, it gives you the option of saving or viewing on screen.

For FTP (File Transfer Protocol) downloads, like like the FTP Voyager program from RhinoSoft. It is good for diagnosing and fixing problems. It has a sensible adult interface. Much of the competition look like Mattel video games.

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