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To commemorate the lives of those who die of HIV/AIDS, their friends and families sometimes create quilt squares to join together with others to form a giant quilt. You can also create an electronic quilt memorial linked together on a webring. All but one of my friends with HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) have now died.

My Personal Aids Quilt

quilt I don’t have the skill to make a real quilt, so I offer this electronic one, based on an African pattern on my favourite T-shirt that means good deeds for my friends and lovers who have died of AIDS. There are so many, I know I have forgotten some. Friends had heard I had died and they burst into tears when they saw me. The same happened to me when my friend Robert Jackson came back from the dead at a gay pride event. Often people hide out for the last months of their lives at the very time they need their friends the most. It is so important to let your friends know you love them while they are still alive. Stephen Arod Shirreffs has a similar list. Our lists of friends overlap though we never met each other. Some of the entries have backing photos. If you have better photos, or photos for those without them, please pass them along.
Robert Benn Best David Lewis Dennis Lewsey Donny Cairns Bill Duthie Bill Martin Bill Williams Brent Krepps Brian Sullivan Bruce Kern Bruce Lombardi Caesar from Peru Chris Majors Chris Marshall Dallas Damon Don Brant Don Ciardullo Doug Starret Ed Corley Fred Gilbertson Geoff Mains Harry Claire Harry Mendez-Boyle (Harry the Peruvian) Jim Aalten John MacDonald John Teamer Ken Mann Kitt Maurice Flood Michael Merrill Melvin Miracle Michael Smith Michael Norm Johnson O. (name removed at request of family) Patrick Moore (Patrick the Grasshopper) Peter & Sandy St. Peters
died of diabetes, not HIV as mistakenly reported.
Peter Collard Peter Lowndes Peter Taylor Peter V. Randy Notte Richard Cavill Ron Bunn Stanley Hoffman Steven Caiaza Ted Marshall Thom Trethewey Tony H.

Happily I have not added names recently. Sex education, better drugs and my own isolation have stemmed the torrent.


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AIDS Memorial Quilt Project
Safe Sex: Even at this late date there is very little detailed information about the risks of various sexual activities. I have collected and summarised it in a table

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