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Literally the Greek roots mean someone who likes children in a non-sexual way, however, it is normally used in quite a different sense of an adult who likes sexual activity with children. The term is often used for an adult who likes sex with teenagers, particularly those below the legal age of consent. In gay chat rooms, paedophile refers to any gay adult who talks to a teenager. When I use the term on my website I mean people who like sex with prepubescent children. Usually paedophiles are heterosexual males who also like sex with children of either gender. It also includes people who like to rape children. There really should be more specific terms. The term paedophile lumps together women who are seduced by 17-year old boys and priests who rape 7-year old girls.

Why is that gay paedophiles are so much rarer than heterosexual ones? What are some of the feminine traits that turn on a straight male:

What are some of the masculine traits that turn on a gay male: Which profile does a child, male or female most closely fit? The female. It is not that big a jump for a heterosexual male to be attracted to a child. The child (male or female) is giving out many of the same sexual attractiveness signals adult women do.

Conservative Christians love to spread the lie that all gays are paedophiles. The very opposite is true. Gays are statistically less likely to be paedophiles than heterosexuals. The Journal the American Academy of Pediatrics says that 98% of molested males and 99.6% of molested females are the victims of heterosexuals. This is as you might expect since children of either gender look, behave and sound more like adult females than adult males.

In heterosexual culture, grown women ofter masquerade as infants to appeal to male partners. They feign infantile incompetence and stupidity. They use baby talk. They affect an infantile accent. They call their partner Daddy. They use makeup and lotions to hide their true age. Nobody seems to consider this appeal to their partner’s incest-paedophilia fantasy at all disreputable.

The word paedophile has many meanings:

child lover
The term paedophile literally comes from the Greek for child-loving. Any society that did not love and care for chidren would soon perish. So it in its literal meaning, it is desirable trait.
celibate paedophile
adult who is sexually attracted to children, but out of concern for the children, the immediate trauma and the even more severe later adult trauma and respect for the taboo, they do not act on it.
a person who likes to fondle the genitals of childen, much as childen do to each other in sex play. These are people who never grew up. They don’t feel comfortable in adult society. They behave as if child to child.
a person who likes sexual activity with children and who act on it. They relate to children as tiny adults. They may use gifts, sympathy and friendship to seduce the child, but draw the line at threats or violence.
child rapist
a person who abducts, rapes and/or kills children. They have no affection or concern for children, just for sexual sensations.
Someone sexually attracted to post-pubescent teens, to girls generally 14–16 years old and boys generally 14–19 years old. The teen as often as not is the pursuer, e.g. a teenage boy who has the hots for his female teacher.

Some people even misuse the term to refer to anyone who is sexually involved with someone significantly younger than they are, e.g. a 50 year old male executive with his 30 year old female secretary. They are dishonestly hoping to tar the older party with the taboo.

Unfortunately because the same word is used to describe such a variety of behaviours, they all tend to get lumped together and treated identically. I notice that people today avoid any friendly interaction with children out of fear of being labeled a paedophile. This trend is most obvious if you watch old movies, from a time when people did not have this fear. We have overreacted to the danger of strangers by teaching children outright paranoia and underreacted to the danger of paedophilia from the father, the most common culprit.

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