orgasm : Gay & Black Glossary


In the male, a convulsion that occurs to ejactulate semen. In the female, it a similar convulsion that occurs with intense sexual excitement. Most commonly provoked with masturbation, oral or anal sex (top or bottom). Straight people also do it with vaginal sex. People stimulate themselves to bring on orgasm, but at a certain point, the orgasm takes on a life of its own and overpowers, like a sneeze or vomiting. If you have never had one, the closest thing I can think of is breathing deeply to the point of light headedness or getting a mild electric shock. The strangeness, at first, can be quite unpleasant. An orgasm is something you feel in your whole body, especially your head, not just in the genitals. Part of the appeal of the orgasm is the profoundly relaxed dreamy state that ensues afterward. The tension build-up to one can sometimes be quite frustrating.

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