Leviticus : Gay & Black Glossary


Leviticus was a crazy old coot, what the British call a raving nutter, what the Canadians call a fruitcake, what the Americans call a whack job and what psychiatrists might call an angry manic suffering delusions of grandeur, a bit like Kim Jong Il or Savonarola who lived perhaps 4000 years ago. For some reason, he was able to convince his fellows that his peeves were identical with those of the tribal god. He wanted darn hear everyone killed, stoned or thoroughly punished for the strangest of crimes, such as eating an owl (spotted or plain), or wearing clothes made of two different fabrics. He was the ultimate fashion Nazi. His peeves are preserved in a book of the King James Bible, Leviticus.

Bigots are fond of him, since he condemns nearly everyone to death. They can thus always find a quotation from the Leviticus to condemn to death anyone they don’t like, e.g. gays Leviticus 18:22. Almost no one reads Leviticus cover to cover, so they don’t realise what a fruitcake he was and how totally out of sync he is with Jesus’s message of love and non-violence.

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