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Responses to Roedy’s Unmaintainable Code Essay


Here is a sampling of the email I received in response to my essay on how to write unmaintainable code. Blogspot deleted all the material at My comments are shown in green.. You can email your comments to me at email feedback to Roedy Green or Canadian Mind Products. Please tell me if you don’t want your comments posted publicly.

Title Author Email Date
anononymous email address withheld 2000-09-01
Frank Klemm 2000-09-10
Stephen Griswold 2000-09-26
Chris Dailey 2000-09-26
Hans Andersson 2000-09-26
Arjen Markus 2000-10-04
Elie Hirschman 2000-10-06
Jonathan Anderson 2000-10-09
John Baumgart 2000-10-29
Todd X Zimnoch 2000-10-30
Mike Nakagawa 2000-11-02
Thomas Uebermeirer 2000-11-06
Dave Doolin 2000-11-06
Petter Nilsen 2000-11-10
Quinn The Eskimo! 2000-11-21
kAbaIaKH 2005-03-09
Michal Kočárek 2005-03-23
Jack Swindell 2005-03-23
Maike Steil withdrawn 2011-11-03
I am quite a bit behind in formatting and publishing the feedback. I have 167 unmaintainable code feedback emails outstanding. Last revised/verified: 2009-04-07

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