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17 Reasons Not To Enlist

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Dump the 17 Reasons Not To Enlist : Italian Stallion : 2005-11-12

He is writing about my essay 17 Reasons Not to Enlist.

yea i have a way u can improve this site. i would get rid of the 17 ways not to join the military. i think its bullshit that u wrote any iraqi war veterans will reject u and all iraqi war veterans will live on the street just as vietnam vets.

I don’t care what veterans of the Iraq war think of my essay. They are beyond hope. It is too late to do anything to help them. They were naïve enough to enlist and submit themselves to a brainwashing process called boot camp, that made them into obedient slaves stripped of a personal moral compass. They are effectively zombies controlled by the state. Further, combat and seeing their buddies killed will tend to make them imagine they have a legitimate grudge against the Iraqis. They will never understand that they were in Iraq illegally, so the Iraqis had every moral right to evict the invaders by any means possible, especially after the way the Americans behaved with their mass civilian bombings, atrocities, tortures and child rapes by trained attack dogs. Further, they have committed such horrendous crimes, that they have had to contort their minds hideously to find some way to exculpate themselves. They are beyond hope.

If they are lucky, they will die young of DU-induced cancer and be released of their guilt and trauma. I have nothing but extreme contempt for veterans of the Iraq war including yourself. Nobody on earth, not even the worst death row criminals, managed to create misery on the scale they did for so little reason.

book cover recommend book⇒Battle For the Mind, A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashingto book home
by William Walters Sargant 978-1-883536-06-0 paperback
birth 1907-04-24 1988-08-27 age:81 978-0-8371-6899-9 hardcover
publisher Malor
published 1997-08
Note the spelling: Sargant. I first read this book as a teenager. It explains how brainwashing works and how various groups use it. I was shocked back then to discover how close the techniques of the POW camps and the religious cults were to the socially acceptable practice of boot camp to rebuild army recruits into obedient soldiers.
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If you are crippled, or maimed psychologically or physically of course you are going to have a much harder time in life getting sex or companionship. Sure the crippled vets can hire hookers, but they can’t buy love. If they already have a partner, they will have a hard time holding onto them. Who wants a partner who sits around the house all day, cannot work and cannot join in fun activities?

Not all vets will be killed or crippled. But those that are crippled are going to have an extremely miserable life of poverty. If they take to drink or drugs to dull the pain, they will be out on the street. Have a read of this new story about how Uncle Sam treats vets injured in Iraq.

i serve my country proud in the us military and i dont wear my uniform so some ungreatful son of a bitch can say im in a bushs mob. its for the people of this country. well maybe not u. if u wanna stand by the iraqi people so bad why dont u go live there mother fucker.

You think killing Iraqi children helps the people of your country? How? All you did was help terrorist recruiters all over the earth with their jobs by acting like such an obnoxious Nazi turd. All you did was alienate all of America’s traditional allies. You stupid ass. There is only one reason to butcher the people of Iraq — and that is to control/steal their oil. You are so stupid that you hired on as a hit man for Exxon and did not even notice what you were doing.

P.S. If you truly had the courage of your convictions, you would have signed your name.

Re: Dump the 17 Reasons Not To Enlist : Italian Stallion 2005-11-13

listen up you french frog eating fuck. i dont have any problem preforming sex. u can ask ur mother that one.

What brought this up? My mother has been dead since you were a toddler, so what are you trying tell us, that you are necrophilic?

and i still am loved by people. u can ask mom that one too. she likes the long dick.

Your incestuous adventures are irrelevant to the Iraq war. If you raped mothers or children or boys in Iraq, that would be relevant.

as for u ya sick fuck who the hell are ur talking about a war. your frog ass lose 2 wars without even fireing a shot and then u come to america for help.traditional allies my ay.sound like a bunch of pussies if u ask me .maybe instead of invadeing iraq we should of just ran through france and canada.

You invaded Iraq without cause, remember? Read Bush’s speech on why America should invade Iraq. Every reason he gave turned out to be untrue. Every piece of evidence he offered turned out to be counterfeit. Everything he said was a lie.

that would of been a better idea. and that uniform i still wear it proudly. hitman? so i ll be a hitman then i ll KILL for my country and DIE!

You are a hitman who kills when told to, without even bothering to check out why. Thank you for acknowledging your utter lack of morality or common sense. It appears from your tenuous grasp of English composition, that you dropped out somewhere in the middle of the first grade, so get someone to read to you about the Nuremberg trials at the end of WWII (World War II). Nazis like yourself learned that I vas chust following ordersss does not cut it. You are still personally responsible for everything you do.

if thats what im called upon to do. oh and as for killing iraqi’s all the better.any child who lets his mom strap a bomb onto him should be shot.i kill anykid with c4 straped to him. sorry i just dont find it cute..

If someone invaded your country you would do everything in your power to expel the invader too. You had no right to be in Iraq much less shooting anyone. You are an international war criminal for participated in war declared illegal by the UN (United Nations).

an M16 slug finishes it off nicely though. Just as ur lame hobby is manageing this web page that is a hobby of mine. so no need to knock it asshole. gotta enjoy what u do rite? oh and as for my name (as if u wanna date me or something homo)that u dont need to kno all u need to kno is that i am a proud military member and american u fucking pig.

ps- if the webpage thing dont work out i hear al quada is looking for a few good men to strap targets on for me.

The problem I have when I publish letters such as yours, people accuse me of making them up. They can’t believe anyone could be that stupid.

You seem to be reacting often to things I never said. It could be your reading comprehension skills are the problem. Get someone to read the essay and my responses to you aloud to you so that you can be sure you understand what they really mean.

Dump the 17 Reasons Not To Enlist : Italian Stallion 2005-11-14

yea. im a sick individual. i like to killilling & corpses and all that nasty shit. the only mother i raped was probably yours. i can still smell her pussy stink on the muzzle of my gun. the only reason i looked at ur site was to check out the pics of the dead iraqi terrorists. i like that shit. makes me feel proud. remember why im in the military. oh and i kno who goreing is and all them idiot. i think its some shit about how u people basically let them march rite through ur country.

I know that concussion is causing some confusion, so let me remind you it was Americans who went marching through Iraq not the reverse. You appear to be suffering the same delusion as your fearless leader:

We will emerge victorious against the world’s greatest military [Iraq].
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),.

Somebody remind George Walter Mitty George W. Bush the USA has more weapons than all the rest of the world put together and that his daddy soundly defeated Iraq in Gulf War I and UN inspectors then destroyed 95% of its remaining weapons. Before Gulf War II, Iraq ranked #35 not #1 as a military power. America spent 283 times as much each year on the military as Iraq did prior to the Iraq war.

Your fears of Iraq invading America are like those of a senile old woman, completely groundless.

shit thats ur peoples fault. didnt see that happening in americia huh? thats cause we are and always will be GREAT A # 1. thats rite bitch god bless americia!!!!which is why we wont ever be invaded. and if we were we would go hide in hole and caves and send our kids to strap bombs to them and do the dirty work like a pussy. oh and another thing …like i would really sit here and type u a proper peice of writeing. it aint worth the time. it seems u understand just fine u frog eating fuck. o and i still cant beleave u had the nerve to say u people are traditional allies. going to war without u people is like going to war without ur piano. people like u should be hung. fucking communist. like i said i hope the republican guard is recruiting. u should join. i would gladly put a bullet in ur head.

Just what did I do to you that prompted your minced death threat? That pain you feel is your conscience not me. Thank you for writing and proving my point that participation in the Iraq war turns people’s morals and brains to mush.

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