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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

how dare you !!!!!!!!!!!! : Kathleen Buchanan : : 2008-04-10

If you want to talk so much trash on our brave soldiers then go fucking live in Iraq and see how quickly you’ll be begging for forgivness. My family did not go over and kill for no reason, if you knew anything at all, its called rules of engagment. You must be fired upon to fire back.

When Hitler’s troops invaded Poland, the Poles fired on them and the Nazis fired back. The Nazis felt justified in their invasion because they believed themselves to be the master race. They, of course, were war criminals, guilty of aiding and abetting an aggressive war. Your relatives are international war criminals too, for exactly the same reason. Iraq did not attack the USA. The USA attacked Iraq, unprovoked, and under false pretences to boot. Your relatives are fully aware of this but chose a life as war criminals anyway. Why? Because they like killing, maiming and torturing. The US military lets them indulge these sadistic urges with without immediate legal penalty.

You have no clue whats going on over there, you are just some fucked up liberal that has no life and spends his days on the computer and reading the tabloids.

I read books. I watch news reports. I talk to ex-patriates from Iraq and other countries in the middle east. I study articles on the Internet from all over the world. I am quite sure I know far more about it than you or any of your relatives. They have no curiosity about why the war is being fought. They are too busy reveling in the misery they create personally. They are happy for any bullshit excuse Bush gives them to release their inner demons. From you atrocious spelling, I presume you do no reading at all. I would hazard a guess you are so naïve because you get all your information from FOX or from your war-criminal relatives.

My husband, my brother, my step father, my cousins and my uncles did not go over there and kill everyone they saw.

But you saw them do it with your own two eyes, as did I. Don’t you remember the opening night of the war when CNN (Cable News Network) televised the indiscriminate Shock & Awe bombing of the residential sections of Baghdad. Did you turn the channel when United States levelled the city of Fallujah?

They did not rape or beat their women and children.

I guess then you missed all the PBS Frontline documentaries about how you Americans routinely torture Iraqi detainees. The photos have been shown thousands of times on TV. How could you possibly miss them? Don’t you have a TV?

Iraqi severed arm typical of image US soldiers trade for porn
Iraqi severed arm typical of image US soldiers trade for porn
In fact, they all had a certian family or child that they played with and enjoyed each others company while deployed in Iraq.
The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.
~ George Orwell (1903-06-25 1950-01-21 age:46)

My husband had actually saved a family from a man in the taliban that had basically taking the family hostage in their own house. When he knocked on the door to do rounds, the man had jestured that there was taliban in his house. The man was then killed and the family was so thankful that they gave my husband and his unit a goat out of apprieciation.

That does not pass the laugh test. I suspect were the truth be told the goat was a pathetic attempt at a bribe to save his daughter (or son) from rape. War is hell, yet for some reason you have it candy-coated and painted in rainbow colours in your imagination. Your feats of denial are spectacular. You are so naïve ! If your husband were truly the type interested in helping kids he would have joined the Peace Corps, not the military. The military is for killing people not handing out candy. He did that out of guilt, boredom or hopes of sexual adventure. If he were doing the same thing back home the police would be questioning him as a suspected paedophile. If I saw a movie about a serial killer handing candy to his victim’s children, I would be totally creeped out. Kindness is not what springs to mind as his motivation. You husband is a cold blooded killer and he lies about it. You would be lucky if he got his fool head blown off by a roadside bomb so you could be rid of him. You have married a Hannibal Lecter and try to pretend to yourself he is a Richard Simmons.

Iraqis hate American guts. Bush betrayed them, promising liberation from Saddam and then gave them Shock & Awe and armed occupation and plunder instead. Prior to that America killed between 1 and 2 million of them in the sanction bombings between the two wars. There are a few Iraqi traitors to their country sucking on the American money tit or who hope for a green card (or for a chance for revenge at the right moment). But nearly all of them hate you passionately for what you have done to their families and their nation.

Consider that a penniless nation 1/12 the size of the USA has successfully fought off the invader for 15 years and 1 month. The USA has a military so large it is bigger than all the other nations of the earth put together. The USA has the most advanced weapons technology by far. That standoff could not possibly happen if nearly everyone in Iraq did not want you invaders out. Ask any Iraqi ex-patriate what they think. Your country has spent $120,000.00 USD on mayhem for every single Iraqi man, woman and child. How can you possibly comprehend how much horror that much money will buy. Think what harm someone could do your family for a mere $300.00 USD for a rifle and some ammunition.

We are not over there to kill people we are over there to protect these people whom desperatly need our help.

Take up the White Man’s burden —
Send forth the best ye breed —
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives’ need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild —
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half-devil and half-child.
~ Rudyard Kipling (1865-12-30 1936-01-18 age:70) British Empirialist

Your attitude is patronising and racist. The Iraqis managed their own affairs for 6000 years without American help. Their problems started with British and American colonial interest in their oil. You also forget that America helped Saddam to power and provided him with the poison gas and helicopters, on credit, to gas its own people. Iraqis will remember America’s treachery for hundreds of generations to come.

Iraqi cooked alive by Americans to ‘help”him.
Iraqi cooked alive by Americans to ‘help”him.

Did you ever see Ken Russell’s movie The Devils of Loudun where religious fanatics tortured nuns for their own good, to save their souls. You remind me of those witch hunters. You are as sick as your soldier relatives. Rounding up people at random and torturing them, dousing them in banned flaming napalm or banned white phosphorus, blowing their limbs off with banned cluster bombs and littering the country with banned land mines, is help only in the mind of a sadistic pervert or a drooling moron.

Honestly, your words are so hateful that most would consider this treason.

Canada, my home, is still a free country, even if the USA is trampling its traditional constitutional freedoms, such as freedom of speech. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, was charged with war crimes too for his work in aiding and abetting an aggressive war, even though he did not directly kill a single person. You are guilty of that same crime on a smaller scale yourself spreading preposterous propaganda to justify American atrocities.

So next time before you write about things as big as calling a soldier a Serial Killer, remember this, who will have your back when the war hits home?

By your reasoning, the good Germans should have also shut up about the illegal activities of Nazi soldiers. I guess makes you a Nazi at heart too. I have no complaint with soldiers defending their home countries. I have a major complaint with them attacking tiny third world countries and plundering their resources and terrorising and bullying their people. It is both illegal and morally wrong. You are counselling a felony. You are like the naïve mother of a serial killer who insists her son is a good boy because he did his evil deeds in secret. You have absolutely no idea how your relatives and their buddies really behaved in Iraq. Criminals always deny their crimes. If you have the guts took look, you will see the horrors of what you Americans have done in Iraq. You have your eyes glued as wide shut as a Nazi matron.


You betray yourself. That cheer is not about helping. It is about kicking ass for the joy of kicking ass.

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