Unemployment Culprits

Americans are having a terrible time with unemployment. Part of the problem is crooked financial corporations permitted to screw the people while the Republicans block any attempts to reign them in. Part of the problem is the Republican party blocking every effort to create jobs in a bid to make Obama look bad.

Republicans claim the key problem is taxes are too high on the rich. This can’t be true. Taxes have not been this low since the 1950s. Big business and the rich have pots of money, more income, more wealth and a bigger share of the pie than ever before. But they are not creating jobs. Obviously, merely giving them more money through bigger tax breaks, loopholes and subsidies will not help. They will just sit on that money too or spend it is ways that don’t create jobs in America. I can see two ways to break the logjam:

  1. Tax the heck out of the rich and use the money to create jobs by spending on infrastructure, teachers, research, alternative energy, electrified transportation etc.
  2. Tax the heck out of the rich and use the money to give the rich incentives to create jobs. No jobs, no money. Smart rich people will end up with even more money than they have now. It is their choice. It will be a wealth transfer from the lazy rich to the industrious rich, with the side effect of a landslide of jobs.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)