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Where Are the Beheadings?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Where Are the Beheadings? : Forrest Ragsdale : : 2005-12-21

Where are the pictures of the beheadings and all of their bad deeds?

I have six answers to that question:

  1. I have video of Nick Berg’s beheading. It is likely a fake, but it there for you to see.
  2. It is hard to come by such photos. If you have sites with them I will link to them.
  3. Showing photos of the bad stuff the other guy did just incites still more violence. I leave that up to the Pentagon propagandists. They want more war, I want less.
  4. The TV news covers only the bad stuff the other guys did. I need to provide balance. I need to bust the illusion the Americans are the good guys in this war. They invaded unprovoked under false pretences. They continued the war long after Saddam was captured. They are the one’s using torture and atrocities far worse than the Iraqi, Saddam or even Hitler. Wars are fought for resources and this war in no exception. You, Forrest, are killing for oil no matter what bullshit propaganda you have swallowed. You are nothing but a hired thug for Exxon. You are too stupid to know why you are killing and too much of a cow-brain to take the effort to find out.
  5. Since the Iraqis are defending against a Goliath, that invaded illegally, they have the legal right to use every means necessary to expel the invaders, including beheadings. I am interested in preventing war crimes. The Americans are committing the vast majority of them.
  6. Iraqis don’t read my website. Americans do. My message is thus aimed at Americans, getting them to examine their actions. I am not attempting to help them excuse themselves. That is the Pentagon’s job.
one day you will learn about freedom and what it means.

You are a high school dropout or why else would you be in the army? You have never read a book in your life other than required reading in school. You know nothing about the history and background of this war, just the propaganda swill you have been brainwashed into a part of your training as a soldier.

From what I heve read of your website its a aload of shit. Please stay in your country and remember you need U.S.more than we need we need your sorry Canadian Ass. I read a passage on your site Dumb Ass Christians Your type sure are kind. Well I am done Have a Nice Life and Kiss my RED WHITE AND BLUE ASS!!! FKR USMC (United States Marine Corps) Your best freind Your Worst Enemy.

I take it you are referring to my essay on Kristianity, the religion of hypocrisy sweeping America that teaches Satanic values in the guise of Christianity. Sounds like you are a praciticing Kristian. No wonder the essay would upset you.

The country Canadians most fear, the country Canadians are most angry with is the USA. America offers protection in the same sense a gang member does.

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