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Combat Hatred

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Combat Hatred

Annie : : 2005-11-18

I wrote this to someone who’s email mailbox is conveniently unavailable.

If you are referring to me, my email address or a link to it, appears three times on every webpage of my site. If you had trouble getting through, it might have been during one of those times my website was under attack by parties who don’t like what I say, usually pro-war enthusiasts.

For all your talk of christian intolerance, ignorance, hatred, bigotry, stupidity, etc., I sure do not see anything in you that draws me to you and your religion of atheism and hatred.

Where do you note all your biblical quotes in the context of the times, or in the context of God’s love for everyone???? And, you use against God  Genesis 3:16. What about Genesis 3:17-19??? That is against MAN.

I don’t understand what you are driving at. The bible study section merely points out some key or strange parts of the bible. In the bible, God supposedly does many cruel, incomprehensible or arbitrary things. I did not point out all of them. If you click the verse number, you can see the verse in as much context as you want.

There are many millions of people who believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God.

These people are deluded. There is no evidence whatsoever to support the idea God wrote the bible and since the Bible is so full of error and falsehoods it is far too shoddy a work to have been done by the creator of the universe whose other work is so much higher quality, e.g. the trillions and trillions of absolutely identical hydrogen atoms with never a single flawed one ever detected. Even the Qur’an is much higher quality as poetry and in consistency and accuracy.

They forget its ignorance and savagery, its hatred of liberty, its religious persecution; its treatment of women, they remember heaven, but they forget the dungeon of eternal pain. They forget that it imprisons the brain and corrupts the heart. They forget that it is the enemy of intellectual freedom.

You talk about ignorance and savagery, etc. Your entire website is full of ignorance and savagery.

You are correct. The politics and money sections are about man’s hatred for his fellows. And guess who the main supporters of George W. Bush and his Iraq war are? Fundamentalist Christians, the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

You scare me. God is a God of LOVE. Your words do not even speak of love. You are atheist—why would I want anything to do with you who speak such horrible vicious hatred????? If you have something better to offer than what the God you deny offers, what is it?? If it is any kind of love, I do not see it in your website.

If you want to read about love, check out the living love section and the ethics section, particularly the ccism essay. You won’t find it in the religion section. Religion is just an excuse for people to persecute their fellows.

If I am wrong and you are right, then I have nothing to gain and you have nothing to lose, but if you are wrong and I am right, then you have everything to lose and I have everything to gain.

I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.
~ Stephen F. Roberts (1967 age:50)

The odds of you being right are about the same as that the Roman god Jupiter really runs the show. And even if you were right, modern day Christianity is a filthy life philosophy. It is a complete perversion of the teachings of Christ. Look at how the USA behaves, governed by hypocritical Christian principles. Christianity teaches Americans to feel superior to Muslims, Buddhists, homosexuals… so they feel justified in maltreating and bullying everyone else.

If God is so evil, what love do you offer???


It is the bible that depicts God as evil, arbitrary and perhaps even insane, II Kings 18:27. You claim to trust this document. Don’t blame me for what it says.

My view is not that God is evil, but that there is almost surely no God and if there is an intelligent creator of the universe it couldn’t be anything at all like the petty old grump Yahweh. In the meantime, Christians, with their erroneous beliefs about God, behave far worse than atheists or the adherents of most other world religions.

If I truly preached hate, I would call for revenge against the Christians, give them back how they have treated me. I would call for people to harass them, deny them employment, deny them civil rights. I do no such thing. Instead, I merely call on Christians to give up their lies, viciousness and hypocrisy, something Jesus himself would do were he alive today.

Let me explain why I have it in for Christians. Because of my gay lib activities, for years I received an average of three death threats a day from Christians. I have received tens of thousands of abusive emails and phone calls from Christians. When my friend David Lewis was dying of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), Christians interfered with his death which was no concern of theirs. To this day Christians lobby vigorously to deny me the civil rights afforded every other citizen. Christians imagine they are everyone’s mother with a right to run other adults’ lives as if those adults were their school-age children.

I did nothing to the Christians. Yet they believe they have a right to persecute me this way because of their idiotic religion which has nothing rational to back it up. It is all based on a gut feeling called faith caused by childhood indoctrination.

You asked me what I offer as an alternative. See my essay on ccism. However, Christianity, as taught by Christ in the Sermon On The Mount, Matthew 5, would do fine.

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