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Net2Phone  Net2Phone
A Internet-based phone service primarily for Americans. Netscape pushed it. Instead of using the dedicated long distance lines, it used the packet-switched Internet. This is more efficient since you don’t tie up a circuit when you are not talking. With regular long distance lines, you dedicate two circuits for the duration of every call. Further, software can digitally compress your voice packets to transmit them faster. The disadvantage is slighly lower quality because packets can get lost especially when the Internet is busy. For Canadians, it makes no sense since Net2Phone charges $0.10 USD per minute, three times what the phone company charges. For Americans, it is only $0.04 USD a minute and free if the other end has a computer too. The service can also be used for international calls. The caller has to have an Internet-computer with microphone and sound card. The receiver may have an Internet-connected computer or may use an ordinary phone.

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